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The “Everything” Deal

“Life’s too short to even care at all.”

How would you like to make YaghiLabs a Strategic Ally for your business?
We’ll help you market a product or service that brings you a minimum of $1,000 per sale. Cut us in, and all my staff, their skills, training, resources, and experience are YOURS.
Think of us like a Venture Capitalist – willing to invest our time and marketing skills in your business (instead of giving you development capital).

Here’s the deal.

I think it’s high time we proved to the world what the team at YaghiLabs can do.
If you provide the product, we will build your entire business and online marketing from scratch.
Now, I’m not going to tell you this is simple or a small under-taking for us.
It takes many thousands of man-hours to put together a USP, a website, advertising, sales, and a product. Even more man-hours to systematize it all so your role is just the “ideas” guy (or gal).
Bugger it, though. Marketing is what we do best and where you struggle most.
YaghiLabs are all in … but only if you are.

Here’s what’s in store…

Over the next 30 days, I’m going to write you one email every day with some problem you’re facing as an online business owner. Then I’ll share with you exactly how we can solve that problem for you.
Ultimately, the goal is to remove the burden and difficulty of marketing from your life. And to let you focus on your product development and its fulfilment.
When my team allies with you, customers react to YOUR website and emails by…
Sending you $1,000 (or more) for your product by Paypal, completely online, without ever meeting you.
But wait a second. I’ve got to tell you first …

Why you might NOT be allowed to hire us…

  • To begin with, if you don’t want to own a business, please use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our emails so that you will not receive our daily tips. It costs us a lot to maintain such a big list, and there’s no point keeping you on if this topic is not of interest to you.
  • You can’t be half in, half out. Business people are either all in, balls-out….or not in at all. We give a full commitment to you and we expect yours in return.
  • You can’t get us if you want to be stingy with paying our cut from revenue. If you are desperate for money or you’re greedy, you’ll ruin the creative process and neither you nor we will will make any money at all.
  • You must understand that no matter how comprehensive our business package is, it still requires YOU. We’re not handing out free money here. You have a role to play, namely product development and fulfilment – otherwise we’d build the business for ourselves and keep 100% of the profits.
  • You cannot be a whiney loser. We’re a highly skilled team of experts, very well trained, and highly paid because we get RESULTS. So you need to have a BIG vision because we’re going to invest our time, energy, and skills into your business and we won’t settle for some small-time (eg, $20,000/month) goal. We build together an official business, with its processes and systems. You have to commit to a minimum of 1-year doing exactly what we tell you, or don’t bother at all.
  • If you have some generic business you got your heart set on, like a MLM or Affiliate plan, we can’t help you. There is no use dealing with you if your product isn’t yours and someone else fulfils it. We don’t sleep with brokers. Such alliances have no longevity and they’re not worth our time, sorry.

Now that the wankers are gone, hopefully if you’re still reading, you’re the kind of person we do want to work with.
Here’s a quick summary of what you’re going to get…

We’ll brainstorm with you a business idea that is unique and has a market that will spend at least $1,000 per customer.

Worth $1,000/hour, this interview will be conducted by me personally and I will keep digging your brain and process the ideas until we come up with something remarkable. We will arrive together at an idea that I believe has a market and will bring sales. Don’t take my advice lightly and get stuck on ideas that I tell you will fail.

We will do your market research, competition analysis, and come up with a business proposal for you.

This is something I’ve charged $21,000 for as a consultant and clients have paid for it. It’s critical to understand how your business fits into a market, what your unique points are, how you differ from everyone else, and how to set yourself apart from them. We’ll take care of studying this for you. You, sit back and relax till we’re ready to share.

We will build for you a paid traffic campaign that will find all the pockets of potential customers and the messages that will make the masses interested in your offer.

In the past, hiring me to just set this up for you would have cost you $100,000. To keep me on to manage it, $200,000 for the year. But with this package, we don’t want your one-off payments. We want to share in your profit.

We will build you a hypnotic sales presentation.

“Hypnotic” is a word thrown around in the market to describe anything. Not here. We have a video sales presentation technique that is scientifically based on Linguistics and Communication theory. I have chosen NOT to use a video presentation in this message because I believe it would taint its integrity – but you can see some samples of our video presentations at the YaghiLabs website. We’ve perfected this method further since and our presentations get your prospects to sit RIVETED to the screen watching, hanging on every word. More on this another day. I have NEVER offered this style of sale presentation to anyone, but it has made me half a million bucks in a matter of hours. Yours also, as part of this unique Strategic Alliance offer.

We will build your landing / welcome page so that people will ask to hear about your $1,000+ product.

All the graphical elements, their placement, and the navigation of the page, and the language has a SCIENCE behind it. And we have actual scientists who have run extensive tests on what works and what does not. Your prospects will hand over their contact details and we will sell them your $1,000+ product. Yours, also if we hear from you today.

We will build you a dynamic website that sucks up traffic from SEO and we will even help you populate it with DAILY content.

the method we use is NOT Search Engine Optimisation. We have devised a technique that with very few posts has boosted our own organic traffic over 4,000% in a 2-week period. You follow OUR plan, and you can expect major free traffic spikes, Alexa rank drops, and high engagement with your website. For a share in your business, we are even willing to help you update your website with content every day.

We will manage your paid traffic.

For a share of your revenue, we will write ads, build keyword lists, test them, and get you leads and hits to your website. As long as you supply the ad budget, we will do all of this for you and ONLY ask for a cut per lead generated.

We will write the first 30 days of sales emails for you and give you a plan to keep writing emails that get $1,000+ sales EVERY TIME they go out.

In fact, for a share of the revenue you generate, we’ll even keep writing those emails for you every day as long as we’re all making money.

What we won’t and cannot do is…

This is YOUR part of the deal.
We market, you fulfill the orders. That’s how it works.
All of this, we will do for you…well, guess for how much?
for a 54,500 one-time investment.
Yeah, it’s not cheap. But consider it your stake in the alliance, a good-will gesture. It’s a lot of work for us and plenty of benefit for you.
If you’re a genuine business person, you’ll understand this is an INVESTMENT in your future, and your family’s future. You’ll also see the value of being able to focus on creating a quality product instead of worrying about how to sell it.
After our setup is done and your product is ready for launch, you agree to cut us in on a fair percentage of your business that we agree upon beforehand, and by contract. In return, we’ll keep maintaining all aspects of the marketing and sales for you while you focus on your product development and delivering the product to the customers we bring.
It’s win-win for everyone.
Sound good?

One bit of bad news though…

Our team here is still very small and so we cannot take on many new clients. I decided to limit this to FIVE (5) only. And to keep it worthwhile for us, we get to choose who we work with.
So use the form below to apply to be considered:

We will evaluate your application and see if you’re someone we’d like to work with.
If you’re still skeptical, don’t worry. Over the next few days, I’ll give you more details and you’ll see why the only smart thing to do is to get us in your corner 😉


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