Eliminate the Boring Stuff with a Virtual Assistant

Do you know the BIG problem with online business owners? They never really see themselves as business owners and consequently tend to their “business” like an eager employee would tend to work.
They start out with a unique (hopefully) business idea, do a little research to see if there’s a market for what they plan to offer, examine the competition and sit down to write a detailed business plan, before scraping through their dead Aunt’s drawers to see if they can find a few dollars start up capital.
Nothing wrong with any of that, I hear you say. I agree.

First signs of intelligent life…

Nothing wrong at all – first signs of life are good and we can now move on to the real work. That’s when the trouble starts – after all, nobody really likes real work, do they?
So, they avoid it. Maybe not all of them but most and their businesses fall by the wayside and are left floating in the sea of unfulfilled dreams.
I don’t have too much sympathy for these types to be honest. Success, as the saying goes, isn’t easy – if it was, we’d all be successful, right? So when someone comes online and starts to poke around a bit and then walks away a few weeks or maybe months later because it all got a bit tough, I say good riddance. I’ve no time and no sympathy for you.
But that’s not the whole story, is it?
There are those who have a strong work ethic and yet still don’t see any positive results from their efforts after months or even years of continued toil and hard work. These people I feel sorry for. They need a break. They need to see something positive for all their efforts.
So why don’t they? Why do the “workers” fail just as often?

Here’s why…

Your fellow entrepreneurs have fallen into the same trap you are likely to fall into if you don’t change your focus from hard work to smart work. They believe hard work alone is the answer and the harder you work, the more success will come your way.
Not true!
Smart work is the key to building a successful business online. Identify what has to be done, prioritise tasks and put in place a series of simple and easy to follow action steps to systematize your business activities and daily tasks, so that some of the work can be done by somebody else – leaving you to attend to the “money making” activities of your business and direct operations effectively.
Let me throw you a quick list of tasks that may need to be carried out on a daily or weekly basis in order to run a successful business online.
• Answering Phones & Emails
• Managing your Schedule/Calendar
• Distributing Articles
• Researching Articles, Emails and Social Media Content
• Transcribing Audios to written form
• Scheduling Blog Posts
• Researching your Competitors
• Managing and Organizing your Content
• Providing Support for your Customers
• Performing Data Entry
• Researching Information Products
• Researching Market Potential of a Product/Service
• Posting to Message/Forum Boards regularly
• Managing your Online Auction site on eBay
• Distributing Press Releases
• Managing Projects
• Proofreading Services for all Documents and Content
• Scheduling Appointments
• Scheduling Interviews
• Managing Social Bookmarking
• Setting up and Maintaining Spreadsheets
• Collecting and Publishing Testimonials
• Doing Word Processing
The list above is just a snippet of what your business might actually need but it gives you an idea of the volume and type of actions you are required to get done on a regular, consistent basis if you’re going to be one of the small number of business owners who succeed online and see their bank balance begin to bulge happily 12 to 18 months after launching it on the web.

Make or break your business…

This one single issue will make or break your business if you continue to ignore it or carry on trying to be some kind of one-man (or woman) army. Treat your business like a business and it will start to repay you like a business owner!
Getting the right kind of support from a virtual assistant is just one of the things you can talk about when you get a Done-for-you-Traffic-Consultation.


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