Why Does Google Hate Affiliates?

September 26th, the birthday of the American legend, Johnny Appleseed, is celebrated all across the country this week.
While there were literally hundreds of pioneers moving westward all throughout American history, John Chapman, also known as Johnny Appleseed, was able to clearly differentiate himself from the rest of the crowd.  Johnny became a true American legend even during his own lifetime by distinguishing himself from the hundreds of other settlers and adventurers of the time.
In Google’s eyes affiliates and their websites are like the hundreds of forgettable settlers that moved from East to West using the same patterns, tools, and even trails! So the answer to your question, Does Google Hate Affiliate Advertisers is unfortunately “YES”.
Allow me to explain…
Today the internet and home business industries are full of stories of marketers being “slapped”, banned, and having their ads completely ignored by Google.
Is there a solution?  What’s an affiliate marketer to do?

Location. Location. LOCATION.

Affiliate marketers frequently have a hard time advertising on Google partly due to the fact that there are so many others of them congregating in the same place.
This group of journeyers were all in the same place following the same trails and paths that their fellow pilgrims had set before them.
Affiliates often think ONLY of Google for their online advertising efforts. What’s more, for a long time, they only wanted to be seen on the SEARCH network of Google which only has limited ad spots in high demand as the number of affiliates grew.
This mentality quickly caused the platform to become over-saturated with numerous affiliate offers and links.
To combat the influx of affiliate ads and offers, Google quickly developed a system for recognizing and ignoring any advertisements that were replicated or frequently repeated.
While Google may certainly have the largest audience for advertising  there are other advertising platforms MUCH friendlier toward affiliate advertisers.
Facebook and Bing are big players in online marketing.  These major advertising platforms are effective and somewhat tolerant of affiliate advertisements. But there are more too…
Put yourself in the shoes of an early settler.  Look for new places to advertise that have not been saturated with the same or similar offers.
There are loads of alternatives for advertising.  Try places your competitors haven’t discovered. Whenever you see traffic courses hyping up a NEW traffic method, go the opposite way.  Go to untapped advertising platform or network that others don’t know about or have started to ignore.
Pay-Per-View or banner advertising can be extremely effective and untapped.
Email marketing has been somewhat ignored for a while.  It really is an incredible opportunity and has recently made a major comeback.  Check into eZine or Solo ad opportunities.  Rent someone’s list to advertise to.
Take a lesson from Johnny and the other pilgrims.  Venture into new territories.  Pioneer a new way in your own specific niche.
Being in a different location, gives you an advantage over competing affiliates.  There plenty of other advertising platforms that are willing to approve and display affiliate advertisements.

Standing Out From The Crowd

Like hundreds of other travelers, Johnny Appleseed dreamed of experiencing the adventure of moving westward.
I’d imagine that Johnny witnessed the pattern of the overzealous adventurer getting started on their journey repeat itself over and over again.

What is it that caused Johnny to be fondly remembered when so many others were quickly forgotten and dismissed?

Like many affiliate marketers, the settlers who simply traveled from East to West didn’t share anything unique with the world.  They all had the same systems in place and followed each other’s example hoping that it would eventually lead them to their anticipated destination.
Google too sees this type of advertising as repetitive, redundant, and unnecessary.
The solution is to distinctly differentiate your offer and advertising.
Johnny Appleseed became a legend by sharing something with others that he was already very passionate about.
The apple’s fruit held great symbolic importance for Johnny.  This caused him to naturally share his expert knowledge of the fruit while travelling.  People quickly responded and deeply connected with his personal expression of the symbolic importance of the apple.
Johnny was able to travel like the other settlers but also created a name and a place for himself everywhere he went because of his point of differentiation.
A mistake frequently made by the majority of affiliate and network marketers is that of trying to simply promote the heck out of their offer or opportunity without adding any real personality, interest, or value beyond that already inherent to the quality of the item itself.
Search engines are getting better and better at knowing and ignoring what they consider unoriginal, copy-cat content.
Replicated web pages and blatant sales pitches simply don’t fly anymore.
If you are going to advertise on Google use the platform to build an audience by sharing interesting and valuable content related to your affiliate offers.  Valuable content can quickly generate an audience in ANY niche or industry.

New Networks Will Hate Affiliates In Time, Too

Google originally was very accepting and tolerant of affiliate offers and advertisers.  They even openly WELCOMED them to be advertised on their network.
After all… the affiliates paid Google a lot of money to display their ads.  Google used affiliates to test their platform and made a TON of money at the same time.
Unfortunately this same shift ultimately is going to affect even other affiliate-friendly advertising platforms too.
Facebook, Bing and other major advertising platforms are presently tolerant, welcoming, and accepting of affiliate advertisers for the EXACT same reasons that Google once was.
They want the revenue generated by allowing others to pay for advertising.  Scarcity of advertisers and smaller audiences means they need to take all the advertising revenue they can get.
Advertising affiliate offers and business opportunities online is going to become increasingly more difficult in time. Protect yourself by creating your own inspired business projects and shift away from affiliate offers.
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