Death of a Marketingman

hey i don’t know if you ever saw this — an old play called  — Death of a Salesman.
you know the one?
anyway it’s this story about a TRAVELING salesman whose neglected wife wants him to ask his boss to let him work in his home city.
i don’t really remember the rest, but in the end he dies. haha!
– point is, people who work in sales and promotion usually travel a lot. it’s part of the job. can’t be avoided.

Mouse Found On Mars

Selling and promotion is all about “reach”.
Reaching as many people as possible – in as many territories as possible. that’s how to get awareness about your product. right?
Well, Online marketers are like that too…kind of.
They’re recruited by Marketing Systems to spread the word about a range of products or services across the globe.

Green Bulbs Used Under Water

Thing is…we don’t need any traveling salesmen online….
Networks like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook consolidate all the advertising on the same topic into ONE search result accessible from anywhere in the world.
In other words, they work hard against System “Marketingmen”.

Spider Weaves Wedding Shirt

A few reasons..
The Internet is a highly connected sales environment.
Every page links to another – every website – every person…connected!
Searches are conducted in the same places–who the hell still uses Lycos and Altavista any more? It’s just Google, Bing, and YouTube now.
So if you promote a marketing system, all your competition is screaming for the same people’s attention in the exact places you are. Whether they’re based in Asia or South America, you and they are speaking to the same searchers.
But typically only one result per product shows up. Which one? Why should it be yours, “System Marketingman”?

Cannibalism Epidemic In South Pole

Marketing Systems are UGLY viruses…
“competition-creating” machines.
Every time you recruit a new system user, you divide and dilute the number of potential people who might respond to your message.
The more successful a Marketing System grows, the more members it has competing for less opportunity.
So while the Marketing System increases its odds of making sales….they are knowingly DECREASING YOUR odds of making a personal sale.
Don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise.

Killer Mosquito Discovered In Suburbs

That’s why I don’t promote any Marketing Systems…It’s a DYING business model.
Promoting a Marketing System is a sure way to get eliminated from search results and to get banned from advertising networks.
If that happens to you as a rookie today, you will NEVER be able to promote a REAL online business you own– whenever you eventually get wise.
Yesterday i told you about a new training program called the YaghiLabs IBA….it gets you out of the mess.

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Search engines want to represent you because you provide VARIETY to their searchers.
Module 2 turns you into a creative entrepreneur – would be nice to just get paid for dreaming up new ideas, ha?
Got ya covered; listen to Module 2.
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Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi

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