Dad’s Shocking Reply To My Promo

Lol a few days ago, my dad, who’s on my mailing list, replied to the email entitled, “turn your website into a sleeping GIANT”

Check out his response:


“This might be a bit too technical. Are you sure people will find it interesting? Will they be able to appreciate the good stuff you are demonstrating?

“Love you,

My dad’s one of the smartest dudes i know…and he’s the one i get all my communications advice from. He reviews almost all my products and sales letters.

So when he said this, i really had to think. Is he right? I consulted my team for council.

Here’s what one of my colleagues had to say:

“Is it technical?” Yeah.

“But the way we’re teaching it is very much non-technical. I mean it’s colour by numbers, right. It’s monkey see, monkey do, for the most part. Especially since you’ve written all the scripts that take care of the ACTUALLY technical stuff for them. So if this were the only product we were selling or the first manual or something like that, then it may be more of a concern. But this is a bonus for people…and in theory people who made it all the way through the manual series. It is a leveled up kind of training. Even your customers, most of them you’re speaking to in your messaging, they’re familiar with the industry and they’re familiar with the service providers like Aweber or Clickfunnels or whatever. Doing it this way may be more technical than going to one of those providers, but i think THEY see the benefit of it.”

Another colleague had this to say:

“I agree, yes its technical but then its also step by step… it should appeal to anyone who has even a remote interest in gaining tech knowledge. Eg, SES used to be confusing for me, now I know I just gotta watch your videos I’ll be shown the right critical steps.”

Now, they might be telling me what i wanna hear.

But all the people who work with me are immersed in our products. They’re either past customers or people i’ve asked to build a business using my training so they can experience it first-hand.

To add to this, though, let me explain further that i have a fundamental belief that to build a successful business, using the internet, requires you to gain skills in technology. It’s an ONLINE business. duh.

Technical skills aren’t the only required skills. But they’re crucial nonetheless..

And if you don’t have that skill and don’t intend to build it, then please be prepared to do one of the following things:

(1) pay a lot of money to get screwed in outsourcing

(2) or, find a generous technically competent friend who’ll help you for free or for a share of your business

Aside from these two choices, which i’m guessing most people don’t have…you’re stuck with me. I can make the tech stuff so easy for you to learn.

I’m not talking about mastering programming…i just wanna arm you with enough technical knowledge to do your own digging and problem solving, or to be able to intelligently hire when you need to.

Take for instance the stuff we taught in the Business Command Centre. If you were to get all the stuff we built there without going through the very small amount of “technical” stuff we did…you’d be spending at least $3,500/year if not more. But by pushing a few extra buttons and typing two lines of instructions into a terminal…you pay $0.00/year for every tool you will possibly need to run your business and market it online.

One of our students had this to say about that omg so technical training:

“This is the first time “step-by-step” was actually “step-by-step” and i don’t think that was mentioned anywhere.”

Similarly, we did the same last month with the High Volume Email Sending course which took two lines of instructions into a terminal and a few extra clicks…but it saves our students UNTOLD amounts of money in email sending fees and interference of email marketing service providers. I did a pricing comparison you can see in our Facebook group if you’re interested.

Is it worth learning those skills?

Fugk yeah!

The video course i’ve been emailing about this month–that i’m giving away free to Super Traffic Machine subscribers–it is THE MOST advanced part of the training…but the entirety of its instructions, for the whole course, fit on 3 sheets of paper.

Not only this…

But this isn’t my first time doing technical training for my marketing students.

And i’m extremely PROUD that we have people embracing this. Our customers aren’t young kids by any means…they’re my age and often 10, 20 years my senior! Yet, none so far have shied away from getting into the trenches, fixing issues and solving technical problems, often turning down my help when i’ve offered it! In doing so, they’ve picked up skills which have now become a part of their muscle memory.

This is what i’ve been able to accomplish by raising the bar and not assuming my customers are computer retards.

They’re not. With the right teacher, anyone can learn anything.

BTW…i’m also a damn good teacher! Of course i am, i take after my dad.

My personal support is readily available and i knew that it would always be crucial to have an “open door policy” on my help. That anyone can ask me anywhere any time for help with their setup. Whether they remain a subscriber or not. Whether they’re a customer or not.

But technical skills aren’t the only thing you’ll need to master to do well online.

You’ll also need design skills, writing skills, and to know how to use at least one ad platform…all are integral parts of the Super Traffic Machine, hands-on, step by step, “colour by numbers” training.

More at the link below…

And if you join the program BEFORE March 31st (which is getting dangerously close), you get 3 new extra modules which will save you loads of money on 3rd party service fees and give you resilient, independent technology to run your business on…all FOR FREE. Two of the extras are full courses in their own right. I give them away ONLY this month.

I’ve written a dedicated page explaining what you get this month if you join the Super Traffic Machine before the deadline.

Read about this month’s amazing extras below…


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