Curse those retards on your Facebook wall

hey there,
don’t you hate when people try to “show you up” on Facebook by writing on YOUR wall?
i don’t know about you, but i think of my wall as a piece of my personal property; kind of like my home. when people do stuff like that, it’s like coming into your house, spitting on you and running off.
it’s rude.
sure, i’m aware you can easily turn off the ability for people to write on your wall…but that’s kind of like not accepting visitors to your home ever.
even i’m not that anti social. but i do expect people to be courteous when they visit.
the other day, i posted about the 90 Minute App webinar to my wall, and some loser turned up and said, “hey with so and so website i can write an app in 10 minutes”.
to which i replied, well any idiot can write an app in 10 minutes, it just wouldn’t be any good.
he retorted, “A bigger idiot takes 90.”
Good job buddy. block.
look, anyone can actually build a very simple “hello world” app in seconds, without writing a single line of code.
but here’s the thing –
i’ve already gone out and did the research and experimented with different solutions.
While there are lots of ways to build Mobile Apps, there are problems and short-comings with all of them.
Let’s put aside all those “automated tools” that claim to let you build apps without any coding.
because they don’t produce useful apps and apps built with them are unlikely to get approved in any of the major mobile stores. and you want your apps in the stores otherwise they’re no good.
But here’s the biggest problem with all the solutions i found, except one:
if you want to build a native App for Android, then you can do it in Eclipse which runs on any computer no problem. You use Mac or Windows, you can always build Android apps.
However, you and most of your prospects aren’t using Android devices; rather most of us use Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad.
To reach those guys, with most solutions, you MUST do it on an Apple computer.
XCode, the native iOS development solution is Apple’s propitiatory environment which has no Windows equivalent.
Meaning, except for my 90 Minute App solution, you MUST write iPhone Apps on a Mac computer.
While some of my subscribers own Macs, most of you are running Windows and don’t want to shell out 5,000 for a new computer so you can dabble in iPhone app development.
For all intents and purposes, you cannot write apps for iPhone and iPad without buying a new computer, even though iOS devices are the most important ones for your app to be available for.
After all, Apple has a larger market share of smartphone users than does Android.
Fact of the matter is, almost every solution out there for building iPhone apps is going to require a Mac, including very popular cross-mobile tools like PhoneGap.
Now i’ve already built native iPhone/iPad apps in XCode on Apple, and native Android Apps in Eclipse on Windows…
But neither made me very happy, because i wanted to create a SINGLE app on my Windows computer and then have it run on both iOS as well as Android. This way, i can get BOTH the Android users and the iOS users.
The only viable solution i found so far is the one i’ll be demonstrating shortly after 6 hours, in the 90 Minute App webinar.
The solution is free and easy. It’s called Flex and you can build apps on either Windows or Apple and it’s the ONLY way i have found after months of research and experimentation that allows you to get the entire Apple, Android, and Blackberry smartdevice user market.
You can reach almost every known smartdevice by doing the work ONE time.
Here’s where you can enrol right now. We’ll be starting in 6 hours!

90 Minute App

The ideas for useful apps people want to buy and use are infinite.
One subscriber wrote in yesterday asking this:
have you figured out a way to ‘drip feed’ content through an app, just as you would an auto-responder service? or can you pass the auto-responder content through to the app?
you know, like a continuous launch feature based on installation date.
i’d be interested to know.
[name omitted]
Now that’s a great idea.
And of course it’s possible and easy… someone may have done it already too. But hey, even if a solution exists, that’s a great idea for an app that would attract almost every marketer online!
Imagine how much money you could make selling such a thing … or how many leads you can generate just giving it away for free.
But you’d never be able to tap into all that potential money, without attending the 90 Minute App webinar and writing your first app.
So join us tonight here:

90 Minute App

oh and here’s an extract from another subscriber email:
… I am just surprised this can be done as easily as you say, I went to a blogger conference last year and this well known blogger spent over $10K having a native app designed.
It seemed so crazy to me. But my dentist was also working on building an app for a side project of his and he said even hiring a whiz high school student to program his native app cost a few thousand dollars and was a lot of work.
So I am looking forward to seeing what I can learn. It definitely helps build brand image by having your own app.
[name omitted]
This surprised even me.
I didn’t know that hiring a highschool whiz to write a mobile app for you could be so costly.
Building an app is pretty straightforward.
i managed both to learn and build my first fully functional app and have it in the Google Play store in a day’s work!
So even though it could cost you so much to outsource a custom app, learning the skill will save you plenty of money and would be far easier than you could imagine.
And this subscriber was right about something else…
Having a mobile app of your own is a GREAT way to build your brand image.
Just today, i was browsing a site on my tablet and before they let me in, they gave me the choice to either download their app or use their mobile-friendly site.
Imagine how many people are today browsing your site from their mobiles and tablets…
if you had an app of your own, you could be on their Mobile Home screen at all times just by giving this simple choice before letting them into your site’s content!
so, join me tonight as i teach you this phenomenal skill in the 90 Minute App webinar.
Click the link below and register:

90 Minute App

And remember, don’t take crap from little idiots trying to undermine you on your Facebook wall.
Feel free to send them a hearty cuss-out from me, before deleting their comment and blocking them from your profile.

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