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Jim Yaghi

Traffic SparQ

if you’re an affiliate marketer looking for a “spark” of targeted traffic to get you started, Join me on Sunday @ 8:00pm —By 09:45pm, targeted traffic is fueling your website and turning into leads, sales, and commissions!

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Jim Yaghi

Authority S&H

Discover how to get immediate credibility with your customers by making physical info products they proudly display

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Head Transplant

When a few weeks ago, our mail system went crazy and sent 5,000 extra emails, we lost a lot of subscribers. Our entire marketing platform runs on WordPress and the culprit was a poorly written mail plugin. It was not the first time this plugin failed and it was time it went away. The only trouble is, our entire platform was customised to work with this particular mail plugin. Switching to a different one was going to be a mission. This course chronicles highly specialised marketing techniques, used by YaghiLabs to get an edge. These techniques are assisted by software customisations.

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Supercharged Conversions

Learn how to get more leads and conversions for every ad dollar. These are simple tweaks you can do that will get more conversions out of even tiny amounts of traffic.

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Traffic KickStart 2.0

The easiest, fastest, and cheapest method to get traffic to your website, blog, affiliate products, or your own sales funnels. This is an update to the original course showing you how to use the simple KickStart strategy with the latest Google Ads features.

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Business Command Center

Watch me build the ultimate sales website, complete with everything you need to go from traffic to sales, to fulfilment. It’s dirt cheap, lighting fast, and simply modular. It scales with your traffic, eliminates monthly service bills, and retains your total data ownership!

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