Traffic KickStart 2.0

The easiest, fastest, and cheapest method to get traffic to your website, blog, affiliate products, or your own sales funnels. This is an update to the original course showing you how to use the simple KickStart strategy with the latest Google Ads features.


In Progress
An introduction to the underlying philosophy that drives how we build traffic campaigns, the pre-requisites you need to get off to a rolling start, and a quick introduction to getting on Google Ads if this is your first time.


Our Traffic Philosophy 21 min Preview What You'll Need to Get Started 15 min Preview Accessing Google Ads 12 min Preview

Tracking Important Actions

In Progress
A guide to using the Google Tag Manager to count important actions such as subscription form fills, lead forms, and purchases. Also, to attribute these actions back to ads and targeting so you know where your ad budget is best spent.


Creating a GTM Container 6 min Preview Installing a GTM Plugin 2 min Preview Configuring the GTM Plugin 2 min Preview Counting Leads 22 min Preview Counting Customers 13 min Preview

Creating a Google Campaign

In Progress
Using the Google Ads New Campaign wizard to build a campaign the KickStart way. Here you see all the important settings to ensure a simple and easy to maintain ad campaign that brings in maximum traffic, with the highest quality and cheapest cost within your budget.


Using the Interface 16 min Preview Configuring a Campaign 11 min Preview Choosing Locations to Show Ads 30 min Preview Choosing Languages 1 min Preview Allocating a Budget 1 min Preview Bidding to Maximise Traffic 7 min Preview Targeting People By Intent 17 min Preview Writing Self-Filtering Ads 47 min Preview Expanding Targeting 10 min Preview

Early Campaign Maintenance

In Progress
A few simple actions you can take in the first day or two of your campaign's existence to ensure it stays on the right track for the next 2-4 weeks without further modifications.


Early Campaign Maintenance 34 min Preview


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