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Module 1

Sales Funnel Preparation: Here we go over what Your "Traffic-Flow" process should look like, along with Visual Flow Charts, Videos, and Downloadable PDF docs - explaining the Sales & Marketing Recruiting process, and <b>it's Psychology</b>. Use it to entice. Also included, Your "time map".



Now we need to define "who you are". ...Or rather, who you are online ;) <b>Your "USP" stands for "Unique Selling Propostion"</b>. It's what makes YOU different from anyone else. <b><i>It's what makes YOU enticing to give money to!</i></b> In this module we'll take you through some lessons, exercises & questionnaires to define your represented self - and what value you bring to the table. *Your "USP" is integral and <b>ESSENTIAL</b> To be properly set up online - for all major traffic mediums. Better put: "no USP, no You"



<b>Here we want to create your "bribe"</b>. (otherwise known as "cool thing you give away in exchange for your prospects email address/other desired info") In creating your bribe, we need to identify an angle, establish a topic, manufacture a "frame", and choose a delivery mechanism. Then we need to construct it and put it all together. After doing so, we'll show you how to PACKAGE it - and integrate it with your own website or blog. Your bribe will not only GET PEOPLE ON YOUR LIST, but <b>it's the most integral component in establishing a bond and building trust</b> - while creating desire for your purchasable offering :)



<b>In this module, we'll be going over how to set-up, create, and publish your own blog, website, and landing pages.</b> This is an invaluable skill to know - even if you decide to outsource this process in your business. You'll be taken through everything from - <i><b>"how to set up a hosting account"</b></i> -to- <i><b>"which website creation software to use"</b></i> -to- <i><b>"how to use it"</b></i> -to- <i><b>"how to publish your site LIVE to the web"</b></i> -to- <i><b>"how to design a landing page that converts!"</b></i> You'll also find your very own "landing page generator" to whip out your own landing pages on the fly... and you can even use it on your blog! Enjoy the process and good luck becoming your own website/landing page developer :-)



<b>In Module 5, you'll be taken through the "follow-up" process.</b> Here are some of the questions you'll be better equipped to answer - after completing this module... <i>Which "email autoresponder" should I use?</i> <i>How do I use it?</i> <i>How do I create an "autoresponder form" - so I can collect email opt-ins on my website?</i> <i>How do I install an autoresponder form on my website/blog?</i> <i>How should I structure my email messages? Should they be short or long? How many links should each message contain?</i> <i>How can I effectively structure a "sales message" in my Newsletter, Emails, or Bribe?</i> <i>Should I host my follow-up messages in emails, or should I put them on my blog??</i> <i>How often should my email autoresponder messages go out?</i> ...All answers you'll know first hand, soon! *The follow-up in completion, associates with Modules 3 and 6, so please reference them for missing segments, to ensure you're completely informed.



<b>Welcome to "Social Media Integration for Hands-Off AUTOMATION"...</b> This Module will show you how to integrate your Social Media platforms - so you can "connect with your prospects" - AUTOMATICALLY - while tapping into THEIR networks virally, in an ongoing fashion through automation. The purpose of this process is the "perpetual traffic" you tap into, gain, and watch escalate over time... This process leads to MORE leads, MORE contacts, MORE sales... and FAR CHEAPER overall lead cost$ through and through.



<b>This Module is all about "saving your ass"</b>. Here's what that means... Here we're going to discuss and demonstrate how to make your website "Google friendly" and FTC compliant. Each one is vital to the existence of your business online. While "Google Adwords" is a big part of the emphasis - regarding "paid traffic" mediums, they are only the internets culprit initiator. All major contenders will soon embrace many of these regulations. People ("the customers") use their computers these days, so those not disciplined enough to "play by the rules", wont be playing at all. Pay attention here and think twice before you result to "skipping-a-step", as one wrong move, or a move not taken, may be your last... and it could be an expensive one ;) With that said, this Module contains some of the easiest ways to separate yourself from most of the competition online today... <b>For one reason: </b>the competition isn't there :)



Yahoo has now merged with Microsoft, in their new search engine - Bing. <b>Here you'll be taken through Bing.</b> Follow each procedure and take each process in stride. Bing is a great place to test offers and feed your business with an endless stream of prospects!



<b>Welcome to Facebook Ads!</b> Paid Facebook advertising has become a major contender for delivering traffic in volume. Although, not "search queried" yet like a real search engine, Facebook offers a combination most others dont = The Largest Social Network + Paid Scalable Reach! This allows you to gain fans and brandability on Facebook - while leveraging their "paid reach" at the same time. Pay close attention, as achieving maximum R.O.I. on Facebook requires some advertising differences. Appreciate Facebook Ads in your advertising arsenal, as the exposure available can easily supply your business with another "7-figure" supply arm.



<b>Welcome to Linkedin Advertising!</b> Professionals stay "Linked-in", and those professionals make HIGH-Quality prospects for your business. ...And Linkedin's PPC advertising platform is a great way to connect with them!



<b>Welcome to Twitter PPC! Say what!?</b> Ok so it's not exactly "PPC", but we've engineered it so... And these strategies make for KILLER viral & compounding exposure for your business. Plus it's dirt cheap! :-)



<b>PPC on YouTube!</b> Yep yep! YouTube's platform not only allows you to display transparency in your marketing, but now you can use "PPC" to scale additional exposure for your videos. This not only allows you to expose your videos to a larger audience, but it also allows you to benefit from the additionally gained viral exposure!



<b>Behold, the `almighty Google Adwords!</b> Let's get serious... NOTHING allows the kind of immediate "R.O.I." like the feared, yet powerful Google Adwords. Search-queried, and real-time desire driven, Google Adwords delivers you the most quality prospects you could possibly ask for...



<b>Welcome to the beautiful lead-generation world of "Compound Interest"</b> This is where you make the word "competition" obsolete. Cherish this new power and say a prayer for the poor-souls that used to infringe on your marketing results...


90 Minute App

Missed the 90 Minute App Webinar? For YaghiLabs subscriber only, you can learn to build cross-platform Mobile Applications and help your business branding! More information here


PPC Domination w/ Commentary

This is the legacy PPC Domination course by Jim Yaghi with commentary, notes, and support to help you navigate around the parts that are out-dated.


Other Lessons


Here you’ll find a wrap up to Module 4, along with answers to some questions – regarding Google Adwords and “high-traffic” video & image hosting…

90 Minute HTML

The 90 Minute HTML training demonstrates how a landing page is professionally built with HTML and CSS along with a commentary and tutorial for beginners. It also includes a bonus video that shows you how to create a quick money-making launch that can add a cool $3,000 a month to your income in only ONE hour! Get it here


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