Confessions Of A Cancer Survivor

In marketing, in business, in life…the easy way is rarely easy or fast.

Let me explain with a story…

I recently had a video conference with one of my doctors. This was the one who gave me the initial screening way back when i first started having trouble peeing, in August 2019.

He was shocked to learn of my developments…particularly the fact that he missed the STAGE THREE tumour in my bladder, despite doing a full cystoscopy.

But he wasn’t the only one to miss it.

My consultant in Germany missed it too. As did the multiple surgeons and doctors at the #1 urology hospital division in Germany, who performed bladder stone surgery, multiple emergency catheterisations, and still ALMOST missed it again when they went in to remove a kidney stone in April last year.

The doctor asked in dismay, “So all this time, no one suspected cancer?”

“Nope,” i replied. “But it’s also my fault because i WANTED my consultant to be right.”

See, i had two conflicting diagnoses, neither of which was correct. My consultant was convinced that i had inflammation in my prostate, and the hospital doctors were certain it was prostate enlargement (the benign kind many men get in their 70s).

One was not a major issue, the other required surgery and had a high probability of leaving me infertile.

Of course, I wanted it to be no more than inflammation. Which is why I continued to return to the consultant and follow his course of treatment.

However, the doctors at the hospital were in fact closer to the correct diagnosis. They even suggested i ask my consultant to do a test to rule out prostate cancer…and my consultant dismissed this idea as ridiculous and unnecessary.

In the end, i didn’t just lose my prostate, i lost my bladder and much more, but i’m blessed to still be breathing.

Anyway, i tell you this story to show you how we can often ignore the right advice because it’s not what we want to hear.

i’ve spoken to numerous poor souls who WANT to believe there’s an easy way to make money online, and that anyone, no matter their background, can succeed if they just plug in to Gooroo X’s magical money-printing system. Some of those people are my closest friends, and even THEY wouldn’t be convinced otherwise.

See, I’m the one giving the bad diagnosis and prescribing the tough treatment. Doesn’t change the fact that it’s the only RIGHT one.

When you let yourself follow the clowns making you all the sweet promises, telling you what you wish to be true…all you’re doing is extending and aggravating your pain. You come to them looking to get out of debt or to solve a financial crisis in your home…and before you know it, you’re deeper in the hole. Screwed out of more money than you could’ve possibly imagined, wasted months and more likely years you never had…worse off than when you started.

The truth is, as harsh as it is, making money online isn’t “for” everyone.

You’re gonna need to AT LEAST pick up some skills…technical, marketing, design, writing, sales…among others. And if you have some of these skills already, GREEEAAAT…but if you don’t, you’re gonna need some basic training.

Where better to get this training than the Super Traffic Machine?

The Super Traffic Machine gives you a realistic plan and step by step instructions, ONLY the most critical, to get your online business off the ground. It doesn’t try to make it look easy by glossing over the hard work or the scary real steps to make money. But the steps are in fact simple and easy to follow.

Our method is not fast. It takes 8 months to have your entire WORKING business in place, ready to start taking traffic and making customers.

Our product is not cheap and doesn’t pretend to be so it can fool you into the next upsell. There are no upsells. Nothing else to buy. One subscription for $199/month gets you access to everything i have to teach. And i know a shit ton about a shit ton.

We don’t tell you that you can build your business with no money, because unless you want to do a LOT of shitty, stupid grunt work with little pay-off, that’s not a realistic expectation. You’ll need a way to finance your business (especially after the 8th month)…nothing crazy $300-$500/month in ad budget is sufficient but we don’t impose on you any numbers you can’t afford to risk…we teach you to be intelligent in your budgeting and allocation of funds. We even show you where and how to get financing if you need it.

i think this hard stuff i’m telling you now is better for you in the long run.

Because when you’re done, you won’t be standing with your dick in your hand, with nothing to show for the past 8 months but a pile of unpaid bills. You’ll have a working online business, that you built with your own hands, and you’ll know every piece of it inside out. You’re confident in everything you’ve done, that it works. Because you built it from the start to finish. Every piece.

And you built it yourself.

So maybe i’m giving you the course of treatment you don’t like, but lately, i’ve been thinking back to this time last year…when i was in agony with NO CLUE what was wrong with me, crying and screaming in the bathroom, unable to sleep, pleading with my maker, breaking my child’s heart every day because i couldn’t play with him at our usual time (he later cried, while beating himself and blamed himself for my illness because he didn’t let me rest when i was ill)

Today i’m in good health, THANK GOD, building my business, creating beautiful things, doing what i love, passing on my knowledge to others, and contributing to making the world a slightly better place.

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