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3 Checks if Any Traffic Method Can Really Grow Your Affiliate Business, Save Your Time & Bring Quick Results You Want

1. Can You Control Who Sees Your Link?

Traffic is nobody's end goal. You want targeted traffic that turns into buyers and commissions. If a method brings random people to your affiliate link, then you're playing a game of numbers. You have to be able to choose WHO sees your affiliate link, so you can select buyers ready to spend money on solutions like yours.

2. Does it Start Fast?

You don't want to waste months on a slow method only to realise later it doesn't bring buyers. You want eyes on your link within minutes so you can tell if you're on the right track and change if you're not.

3. Is It Easy to Scale Up?

When you get a small result, you need to be able to grow it. If a traffic method needs too much time or effort in the beginning, you'll need to do more of that to get bigger results. Think about what you need to do today and if you can see yourself doing a LOT more of that activity in the future.

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