Cart abandonment campaigns for CLICKBANK?

A challenging question arrives in my inbox late one afternoon. The asker wants to know:

   “Is it possible to do a cart abandonment campaign for a Clickbank product?”

Clickbank does not offer this feature natively, and neither do most affiliate programs. Heck, even supposed “all-in-one” solutions like Clickfunnels doesn’t offer it.

But it’s completely, totally possible to do it.

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Onto this challenging question.

Is it possible to run a cart abandonment campaign for a Clickbank product?

The guy asking clearly knows his stuff. Most probably knows more about marketing than both the affiliate product publisher AND the dumbass Clickbank publishing platform…which as old as it is, does not have this absolutely crucial feature!

In fact, often, in my experience, i’ve found that affiliates know far more about marketing and have more marketing skills than the affiliate publishers they promote for.

Yet, many affiliate marketers continue to rely on the marketing material provided by their publishers.

In case you’re scratching your head wondering what the heck i’m on about, here’s a quick explanation.

A cart abandonment campaign is basically a way to attempt to recover a sale you NEARLY got…but didn’t.

Usually, for it to work, your checkout form has to be capable of storing the data from unsubmitted order forms. Then, if the person trying to buy has at least typed their email, you reach out to them  with an automatically triggered, precisely timed, intelligent email campaign that tries to bring them back to finish what they started.

A cart abandonment campaign can boost sales response by as much as 30%!

Most publishers have no clue how to sell their products. 

Just look at their bundled email swipes, banner ads, and suggested ad copy. Honestly, please, tell me, has any marketing material they supplied you EVER worked for you? Did you ever make a sale using their swipes?

The only reason they offer those materials is to check a box to say they’ve done it. The fact that you can promote their products without first owning them is your first clue they know nothing about how word of mouth, referral sales work.

If they were running ads on Google or Facebook they’d get gang raped, prison style. Their offers would flop entirely.

Using affiliates, has the benefit of not needing to pay on impressions, clicks, or even leads…they pay ONLY if a sale is made. and only a portion of the sale’s value.

Profit EVERY time you sell something for them.

Meanwhile, you’ve blown your entire commission and more on their shitty product and shitty sales process that reeks of scam.

So the publisher either doesn’t know or doesn’t care.

Stay away from their marketing materials. Create your own.

By all means, try their product. Learn about it first-hand. Decide if it’s worth recommending to others. Then give people YOUR personal take on the product. Don’t regurgitate what the publisher says about their own thing. Experience it first hand!! Tell others about your experience.

Now there’s a very straightforward way to pull off cart-abandonment campaigns on Clickbank products, and affiliate products in general.

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Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi

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