Can you ever "run out" all the web traffic?

I know you’ve got an unquenchable appetite for traffic…
The other day a subscribed asked me if traffic can ever be “run out”.
Like, if after a while of advertising somewhere, one of your ads runs
so long it becomes ineffective, stale.
Can you reach a point where everyone who was ever going to respond already has?
An interesting question…hey, I’ve seen it happen.
On Facebook, it happens rather quickly.
Eventually, ads go stale, and you have to renew them to keep
response up.
On Google search, I’ve seen it too. Not as quickly, mind
you. Because of the sheer volume of people using Google search.
You might remember Ann Sieg’s ad, “7 Lies of Network Marketing” which ran for YEARS on Google Search non-stop. And Mike Dillard’s ad “Endless
Leads, credit card in hand”.
Both made their owners millions. Pretty much everyone who was around at the time saw those
Still, as long as these ads ran, they didn’t really go
stale. In fact, Dillard and Sieg kept running the SAME ads because they were so effective.
But hey, most ad networks can be exhausted of all their
There’s just ONE that I think will never, ever, everrrrrrrrr
run out…
The Google Display Network.
What’s interesting about their approach is that through the use of Google’s Adsense program, they have a really
easy way for ANY website to partner up with them and show ads around their
Meaning, Google has an ever-expanding amount of available “ad real estate” for you to use.
You see, the display network is a network of websites with allocated
advertising space where you can place your ads.
Not only that, but the Display Network uses precise targeting
to reach already ENGAGED audiences of the websites of others…and this delivers
better results to advertisers.
And your ad can be seen on MILLLLLLIONS of high-quality news
pages, topic-specific websites, video sites, and blogs.
Now you’ve gotta understand…
We’re talking about being able
to advertise on specific PAGES of other people’s websites…
Every website can be made up of tens, hundreds, and sometimes (eg,
YouTube) even 1000’s of pages.
So each page on the web is another opportunity to have your ads seen by new
There’s unlimited ad realestate and if you discover
one ad that works well for you, you can keep running it for YEARS and YEARS
without ever saturating any one place.
Ads can be in any format that delivers your message
best–text, image banner, video, flash!
And since the Display Network is part of Google Adwords, you only pay on a performance basis depending on your goals.
A “cost per 1000 impressions” basis for branding campaigns.
A “cost per click” basis for direct response campaigns. (you pay only on successful clicks delivered that translates into an actual visitor at your site).
You’ll never run out of traffic if you use Google Adwords.
But hey, the Display Network can be dangerous to use by
yourself without proper guidance.
Before you run a full-blown Display Ad campaign to reach the ENTIRE network…
You need to test
your ad’s profitability on a small part of the network’s traffic first.
If it’s profitable, you scale and expand your reach to the
whole Display Network.
If not, then you keep funneling a
little traffic until you establish profitability.
That’s what I teach you inside my KickStart training, and
why it’s so important you learn with me.
You can have endless traffic…
But first i teach you to to create ads that run on both Google Search AND Display Networks.
I teach you to “cap” your volume to a manageable ad spend (eg, $5 or $10)…
And i teach you how to reach your advertising
goals and achieve profitability.
Only then are you ready to scale and get all the traffic volume
you want.
Oh and you get more traffic by changing ONE setting.
Here’s where you go to learn this powerful, profit-focused traffic method:

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Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi

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