Calling all High Caliber

No time left
for indecision.
Less than
24 hours left to take advantage of the Early Signup gifts with Communicology
701. So if you think you could use a hand with your traffic conversion, then there’s
plenty of ways this class will help.
But first…
Let’s talk
about the elephant in the room.
It’s no
secret Communicology 701 is not “cheap”. I wanted to weed out the
whiners, losers, and do-nothings with it. This is a class just for the crème of the
I realize there’s
less than 1 person in every 1000 in this incompetent industry of ours that actually
fits into my idea of the ideal student.
And it’s
cool if you are not that ONE.
I sell
other training products better suited to your temperament–that’s how I keep
this ship afloat.
are, like most people, you’ve either bought those introductory products or will buy more of them…and
you’ll keep buying them…and do absolutely jackshit with any of them. You’ll get
off on the buying process, the adrenaline of the launch, or whatever.
Make use of
the product, or don’t, I get paid. it’s no skin off my back.
But Communicology
is not designed for that kind of person.
The quality
of this training is very much driven by the caliber of the students.
the better the quality of people I put into this class, the better the quality
of training everyone receives. Make sense?
The reason
is, Communicology 701 is a Workshop, not a course or a lecture.
The students
come in with their work and direct what each “class” focuses on that week. If
they bring challenging problems, then I get to share advanced conversion
tactics. But if they bring weak, simple problems, like “how do I setup my optin
form” type of crap, then, well, I will give basic training.
advanced people, implementers, and action takers, basic is BORING and they don’t
get the value they paid for.
Which isn’t fair on them.
I think the
simpletons will see $299/month and think OH SNAP…that’s too much.
And I agree.
It is too
much if you treat this like any other course you buy and you put it on the back
burner and do nothing with it.
But if you
plan to participate every week and you bring your sales communications to
class, your sales letters, your emails, your landing pages…and we make them
actually PULL people and convert clicks to leads, leads to sales, and sales to
repeat sales…
Well, all
it takes is a single $100 sale a week to actually get a PROFIT on your
investment into this class. Something you can realistically expect to do within
your first month.
See where I’m
going with this?
So why am I
even bothering to explain this to you, when the actual “high calibre” people I speak
of would have already seen the value of this class and jumped in head-first?
Because my
point is not to guilt you into wanting to redeem yourself by buying this class.
What I want
is for you to redeem yourself by making a decision that you WANT to start
getting serious about making your business work.
And to show you
how stupid it is to be happy with doing nothing to make your business work, and convince
you to quit.
this class is only a step in the right direction.
If you
implement, you start seeing challenges that go beyond the basics that i can help you with. And there’s a
real shortage of advanced training materials for people in the trenches like
Most available
training is made for the casual observer who’ll sit on the sidelines and spend
their entire “home business career” just buying up courses and dabbling in the
whole thing. Never really getting stuck in. Just testing the waters until they
get too bored or too broke to keep buying.
Workshops are just ONE of the many ways you can start converting and monetizing
your traffic.
But there’s
more for early birds.
instance, there’s the Student Forum which I’ve offered in other training I’ve
done …but only the implementers used. In most cases, the Student Forums have
turned into a ghost town. Because 99% of the people who bought the training
didn’t even bother to follow the step by step instructions in that training…not
even ONE time…
I’d be surprised if many of them even got to consuming the material in the first place.
SO they never
run into any problems, and they have nothing to ask in such a forum.
Which also means there’s
too few people actually implementing who can offer help, aside from myself.
Communicology701, I expect the Student Forum will be a vibrant place, even with less members than other training I’ve done. Simply because of the caliber of the
community as a whole. They’re implementing and getting results, so they’ll have
experiences to share. And they’ll be able to support one another with ideas and advice, even if i don’t intervene.
Yet a third
way that Communicology students will get a helping hand from ME…
Is the
PERSONALIZED Monthly “After Class” critiques. This is where I review your work
on my own time, edit for you, and give you my feedback in a video screencast…made
just for you.
And yet
another example…is the Personal 1 Hour Phone Consult with me, worth $1000 on
its own.
Before you
ask, yes that is the actual rate people currently pay me to get on the phone
and get my advice on their marketing, their funnel, their conversion process,
their traffic, and their landing pages.
nobody would EVER see the value in paying “so much” for, if they weren’t implementing and
couldn’t get a measurable return on investment from.
As you can
see, Communicology was designed from day 1 for the high caliber business
And I’m
certain that anyone who attends the weekly workshops is going to get remarkable
results, because they’re surrounded by high caliber equals.
Just a
final example, to drive the point home.
original Communicology v1.0 only took in 6 people. Of those, just 3 actually
The people
who didn’t turn up, in my opinion, wasted $500 taking that class. And it was no
skin off my back.
But those
three who came to every class, they were the real winners.
They each got
MORE face time with me, paid for, mostly by others.
Just one
look at their email follow up, their sales pages, and their blog posts TODAY will
tell you everything you need to know about Communicology and what it can do for
So, with
that said…One day left to get all the free “helping hand” gifts. Join or don’t
join, it’s up to you.
But if you
join, make sure you’re planning to implement. We’d love to have you.
where you go to sign up (and get all the Early Bird gifts):

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