By Tomorrow Evening…

By tomorrow evening…which perhaps by the time you’re reading this it’s too late…i’m sending out the final proofs to the printer for what ended up being a mammoth manual for the Business Command Centre.

If you weren’t around for the original promo…

the Business Command Centre is a step by step tutorial on how to setup all the tech for a complete online selling website, with ALL the tools completely under your control, including funnel building, visual page designs, shopping cart, email marketing, online courses, protected media content, etc, etc, etc. All for free for at least 12 months and dirt cheap beyond that–saving you thousands of dollars in monthly fees, keeping all your data safe under your control, instead of being held hostage by the various services you’ll inevitably be paying for without this.

That is, if you were ever serious about online entrepreneurship…which i know most of my subscribers aren’t. Yeah. There i said it.

Most people in this industry are stupid, useless wannabes. They don’t like what i sell because it’s authentic–real skills–real know-how–and no fake bullshit promises about easy money and getting rich in your underwear.

I work like a MULE. i barely sleep. Fuck you if you think you’re the one who’s gonna make it without hemorrhoids and headaches. lol.

i’ve never known a truly successful person who doesn’t produce like a machine. And i’ve never known anyone legitimate who said success comes to people who bum around at their computers looking for ways to get rich passively, without doing anything, and hey if it’s free too that would be nice.

Screw those losers! This email isn’t for them.

This message is a call for people looking for someone who LEGITIMATELY knows what they’re doing to REALLY show them the way. All the ugly gory details of how it’s done, without sugarcoating it so your precious allergy to hard work and sacrifice and pain doesn’t have its poor little feelings hurt.

That person you’re looking for, is ME.

This message is a call to people who are prepared to put in the work and the time and the money and the sacrifice to do BETTER. Because they want to go on an adventure that’s painful and hard but so much freaking FUN. And the rewards are BEYOND money. Fulfilment. The feeling of working on something and then seeing it work and come together and, “HELLZ YEAH, look that thing that works, I MADE THAT!”

So let me tell you real quick what i came here to say.

What you may not know is that when i originally plotted this training module, the Business Command Centre, i thought i could squeeze it all into 90 mins of live demonstration. In fact, i spent ALL of Jan trying everything i could to slice off minutes here and there to make ALL the information i wanted to share fit. When it became clear there was no way without fucking up the quality of the product, i decided to split the training into two parts, delivered a few days apart.

I did the first part live…covered as much ground as i could…and then i recorded the rest offline and shared the recordings with the students.

The presentation ended up being over FIVE HOURS long. Enough to be a full fledged course..not a mother hopping BONUS!

In fact, i probably could have made 5 months worth of content out of it, EASILY.

Problem is, it’s not practical–you need all the instructions in one go. You need to spend an afternoon on this project, build it, and start using it ASAP.

So i ended up keeping the presentation at its full length, complete.

Then crazy old me decided i was going to do a book version of it, so that students can easily follow along and scan and skim and review and lookup stuff. Way easier than watching 5 hours of unedited video. I thought it would be a nice little “extra” for people to have.

And again, this crazy thing turned into a monster. A legitimate manual of step by step instructions and screenshots spanning approx 280 pages, taking 170+ hours of logged work to produce. My family came back from holiday earlier this month and i hadn’t seen them in two months…i barely sat with them, we haven’t gone anywhere…all because i was working on this.

Bottom line is, it’s a bad ass training.

Infinitely useful. And if you missed the live demo version and the recorded videos…the printed manual version is SO MUCH more useful, so much better thought out, so straightforward and good.

I’m still giving it away for free, as a bonus, to everybody actively subscribed to the Super Traffic Machine before Monday morning.

And if that isn’t enough–the SECOND bonus is something brand new and goes REALLY well with the manual.

It’s a video presentation showing you how to send as much as 50,000 emails per day, at 14 emails/SECOND … paying no more than $0.0001 per email. And if you only have a small list, say 2,000 subscribers or less–you get to send email FOR FREE FOREVER every day, to every subscriber. No limits

The fact that all this stuff is “free”, btw, don’t let that deceive you into thinking it’s for amateurs or it’s low quality bullshit.

This is the exact same WORLD CLASS cloud tech used by companies like Netflix, Twitch, LinkedIN, Facebook, Turner Broadcasting, BBC, Baidu, ESPN, Adobe, and Twitter–just to name a few.

The reason it’s free is because they’re wholesalers of computing power and your little french fry of a business isn’t a pebble in the pacific ocean of what they make selling computing power to the players. The reason it’s free is they HOPE you’ll turn into a big player one day and be a big spender with them too.

And why isn’t your friendly neighbourhood scummy gooroo or coach talking about anything remotely close to this?

Because those hopeless clueless fucks don’t have the knowledge. They’re professional deceivers and all they can offer is hopes and dreams. i’m not particularly good at bullshitting, so i have to settle for actually knowing how to do stuff and to sell what i actually know LOL.

So yeah, i’ve documented the process to get approval for this sending service. i show you how to have this power right inside your website, controlling your own subscribers, running your own email marketing software. Nobody forcing you to make your subscribers double opt-in and other ridiculous rules.

Again, this is a BONUS…because i’m batshit crazy and i want to make it stupidly easy to say YES to the Super Traffic Machine.

It’s a ridiculously good program. Worth every cent. It gives you all the core skills to sell products online and make money. It walks through every single step and leaves nothing out. You’re never left wondering what to do. You don’t get confused with choices and decisions. Heck, even how to write a sales letter or email, i take you through it as a MECHANICAL step by step process.

What else could you even hope for?

Oh, that’s aside from the crazy support i’m giving–web conferences, video, and social media. I’m answering questions in the back office, by email, and sometimes getting on the phone with students to help them get out of their own way.

Are you out of excuses yet?

That’s our core Super Traffic Machine curriculum. It’s ALL i sell. If you’re looking for something else, i’m sorry. Whenever i create a new training, it’s not for the public–it’s always gonna be for Super Traffic Machine students. It’s the only way you’ll get anything i release. And i’m an infinitely large WELL of information on all kinds of money making topics, with real world, current experience, you won’t find anywhere else.

Anyway, that’s it. That’s all i’m going to tell you about it today.

You want in? Let’s get you started…


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