How To Become A Google Affiliate

If you’ve got a website or blog, the Google Affiliate Network offers you a way to generate additional income. They provide cost-per-action ads related to the subject matter on your site and will optimize these ads for earning potential on your behalf. The best and most relevant website content will attract the highest quality traffic and will boost your profits substantially.

Publisher Application

The first step needed to join this free program is to sign up as a “Publisher” at the following link – Make sure to read all the associated benefits of joining the program as well as the always exciting terms and conditions of use.  ;)

AdSense Account

If you don’t already have an AdSense account, you will be prompted to create one. Again, this service is free and allows you to display Google ads on your site in multiple formats and styles.
You will be required to provide both your AdSense email address and AdSense Publisher ID prior to completing your Google Affiliate Network application.

Affiliate Network Benefits

The “cost-per-action” format rewards you for driving conversions. A conversion can be as simple as someone clicking on an ad, or as complex as a back-end sale or subscription. You promote someone else’s product or service and earn a commission when the preset action or sale occurs.
As well, you will be able to identify top retail brands and get access to high-converting offers and discount promotions. This will attract a higher quality customer who is looking for exactly what your ads are displaying.
The Affiliate Network interface is extremely intuitive and fast. You’ll be able to track conversions and access real-time reporting. This could prove advantageous when creating even more relevant and timely content for your website.

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