You Know What They Say About People With Big Email Lists…

Lists shmists.
Recently, this guy online was bragging about how big his list is. He said it was over 100k people and was droning on and on and on about how great his list is, how much they love him and want to shower him with money every time he graced their presence with an offer.
That is, until he was asked the magic question:
“How well does your list convert?”
Turns out not to well.
Over 100k subscribers and he makes maybe a half dozen sales of a cheap ebook and other assorted products per day.
Whoop-dee doo.
Not exactly overwhelming is it?
And that’s the point:
It ain’t about how big your list is.
It’s how responsive it is and how well you sell to it.
Frankly, having a big list of low quality prospects is like a golfer who can launch a 400 yard tee shot that lands in the parking lot on some poor duffer’s windshield hundreds of yards away from the target. If you can’t hit the target (or even the golf course!) who cares how far it goes?
And so it is with email lists.
Yes, grow your list.
But focus on having a responsive list, not a big one.
Size may matter in some things.
But not lists, OK?
So don’t worry about it.
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