What Email Marketing Goo-roos Won't Tell You ('Cuz They Don't Know)

Here’s a little-known fact…

Roughly 50% of people will NEVER buy.

Doesn’t matter how great your offer is. How wonderful your product is. Or how persuasive a marketer you are.

They won’t buy from direct response.


End of story.

On the other hand, about 5% will buy everything you offer if you have even average email skillz. This is why sometimes people will start doing daily emails (the right way) and see huge success then, suddenly, sales start to drop off.

They burned through the 5%.

But, they didn’t add MORE names.

So what does this mean?

For one thing, you have to continually grow your list.

(With qualified leads — very important.)

And also, you have to KEEP following up.


Every day.

Almost like a terminator going after Sarah Connor!

If you do that, then eventually you’ll start converting part of the remaining 45%. (Probably not ALL of them — but it’s not impossible to convert another 10%-25% over time if your list is qualified).

That’s potentially 2 – 5 times MORE sales.

Too bad more people aren’t told this.

But it’s why you just gotta keep at it.

Especially as the economy tanks.

(If you want to be the one still standing when the dust settles.)

Anyway, for ongoing “virtual” guidance on how to sell more with email (whether your list is big, small or in between) check out www.BenSettle.com.

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