There Are No Dumb Answers About Email Marketing, Only Dumb Questions

You might get a kick out of this.
(I surely did…)
Anyway, a guy on my list asked how he could stop receiving emails. His inbox is too full as it is he said, and he no longer wished to get my newsletter. Because I’m a kind, helpful soul, I made the laborious task of scrolling down his email and finding the “unsubscribe” link and clicking it for him.
But, then I noticed something.
The dude bills himself an “email expert.”
And he can’t even unsubscribe himself from an aweber list?
It reminds me of a college professor I had.
My major was Radio/TV.
And the professor (not a career teacher, a REAL teacher, who actually owns a few radio and TV stations, he just teaches for fun) got angry with the class shortly before graduation.
What set him off?
A dumb question.
In this case, one of the soon-to-be-graduates asked him what the difference between AM and FM radio.
(Something you learn on day 1).
His response?

“How can you people accept a diploma from this university and not know the difference between AM/FM radio?”

It WAS funny.
And so it is with today’s email “experts.”
Most have no clue.
They rarely send emails out themselves.
Instead, they just sell “how to” email products.
If that’s what creams your twinkie, go for it.
But if you’re ready to take off the training wheels and learn how email is really done, check out

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