An Open Letter To People Freaking Out Over Google Banning Your AdWords Account

Looks like people are freaking over Google again.

In fact, was just reading about someone who seems genuinely angry, confused and discombobulated about Google banning accounts for no reason whatsoever. (I got banned recently, too — even though I only used my account once back in 2007 for about a day… kind of amusing…)

The big question is why is Google doing this?



Well, I’m no Google expert (not even an ex-spurt) and I’m the LAST person you should listen to when it comes to Google strategy, slaps and spanks.

So I consulted a “for real” expert on this instead:

My friend Jim Yaghi.

Jim is a computer scientist who got the pay-per-click “bug” when he was studying to get his PhD in computer science. He has also spent a lot of time as the “in house” AdWords consultant for the world’s largest home business marketing training site. And believe it or not, while he WAS “banned” once, he’s one of the few ever to get back on Google afterwards without missing a beat (ask ye olde goo-roos how many of them have done that).

What’s the secret of Jim’s PPC awesomeness?

He understands artificial intelligence.

Or “AI” as he calls it.

AI is how software and computer programs (like Google AdWords, for example) think, behave and respond to input and human interaction.

Anyway, so I asked Jim about the recent Google fart.

I asked him…

“Jim, I’m no PPC goo-roo, but it seems to me if people would simply build an email list and then email it offers, this new Google spank would be a non-issue. Or am I missing something?”

His answer?

“yeah that’s exactly what i do.”

So simple, isn’t it?

So, so, so simple.

Someone once said goo-roos make out like bandits online because they complicate the simple.

And unfortunately, methinks that’s true.

But you know what else I think?

There’s lots MORE profit in simplifying the complicated, instead.

Just a thought.

To download a free report showing you 10 simple ways to “Google proof” your business with emails your list will love reading and buying from go to:

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