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Ya know how everyone says they made all these crazy amounts of money?

to the point you don’t believe it any more?

you’d think most of the guys are liars who claim to make “$21 million dollars in 8 minutes!”, right?

but who knows, maybe that one guy is out there and is actually telling the truth…and they really are gonna show you how to make $20 mil or whatever lol.

you’d have no way to know.

besides, most of the how-to’s you get are inaccurately named.

Titles like…

How to Make 100,000 in 30 days Using Blogs“…

do not imply that they’ll give you a day-by-day account of what you should be doing on each of those days. They never conclude with the words: “Day 30 – look at your bank account you should see at least 100,000+ now!”

no one EVER tells you that. they keep it vague.

because most of the time, it IS vague in their mind. purely theoretical. Never been done, at least not by them.

it’s cute selling “how to make money” stuff without teaching anyone anything. the instructions sound complete, but they are not designed to make anyone rich..other than the author.

and i guess, that’s why it’s so easy for these gurus to keep taking people’s money.


we’re just going around in circles here, kidding each other. teaching very narrow areas of focus–introductory, elementary stuff…and it’s all the stuff that DOES NOT build a business.

yeah, leads and sales and copy are cool. but businesses have been successful since forever, without any of the technology we have available now to pull off those things!

Been Trying To Get it Right For Years

and i didn’t just guess at that conclusion. i’ve been trying for a few years to increase the success-rate i had with my students. like, when i noticed the leveraged training products (courses, books, video training) weren’t working…i tried coaching.

came up with a pretty good plan to get people to a point where they had websites, email autoresponders, marketing, copywriting, sales pages, and so on. i mean, we really cared about those “kids”.

Don’t laugh.

that’s what we like to think of our students sometimes. we spent months designing curriculums, testing, adjusting…trying again and again.

Tried Masterminds

we worked with a bunch of price points ranging from $2,000 to $20,000 for group “masterminds”. We brought lots of experts. and even tried different group sizes. from 1-on-1 intimate to 4-on-5. and the results were good, they really were.

but still…besides being EXTREMELY exhausting the masterminds left students feeling a little sense of incompletion. they’d call us. they’d send us emails. i even continued to help, on my own time.

A year later, i’m still supporting those same people.

All this while trying to keep up with other work and responsibilities.

it was frustrating, i’m sure, for both sides.

so we tried again.

this time, we said let’s add a monthly support line. and see if that helps…did it though?

we still had many of the same problems. students showed up for support the first month. a handful turned up the second. and then support line went dead.

The “Need MORE Than Support”-Line

still, the emails and phone calls kept coming in.

people seem to want more personalised help.

Dabbled in Done-For-You Services

i went on to dabble in services.

i thought this would be a far better idea. given i’d actually DO stuff for people, i’d at least guarantee they got off to a good start. i knew i could give simple enough instructions for them to follow.

And i figured, for now, i’d support them personally until it got too much (which it quickly did).

it was one of the best ideas i ever had, though.


i hadn’t initially planned to spend TWO hours consulting for such a low price. but that’s how long the clients and students seemed to NEED before they could understand the big picture.

That’s what they seemed to need to gain confidence in their ideas. and essentially, they all wanted the same thing.

Just someone to look at what they’re doing and say, “yeah, you’re on the right track”. nothing more.

Who am I to put a time-limit on that?

instead of that frightening me off, crazy as i can be sometimes, i decided to expand the service. it’s going to be even more comprehensive and ongoingly supportive. but for that, i’m going to need ingenuity.

Torn. Can’t Scale Out!

needless to say, the service got popular very quickly.

pretty soon, i found myself torn. because scaling it out would take a lot of personal time from me…and i’m already back-logged about 4 months. i have so many things going on, that i’m way too slow to help enough people.

The Solution?

i asked a few friends and got some advice. most said, raise the price.

some suggested i eliminate the service.

and other suggested i outsource it.

I Don’t Like Any of Their Advice!

well unfortunately, none of those answers were what i was looking for. the services are priced affordably for the intended audience. i do not want to raise the price. i especially think it UN-fair to increase price without adding value.

and quite frankly, it would be DUMB of a business to eliminate its most popular service.

This is!

Students Teach Teacher

yes it takes up personal time, but it gives me great insight into my clients and how they learn things. they clearly need the personal guidance–and the repetition has educated ME and made me an expert at creative frames.

creativity gives direction…but it’s an acquired skill that takes time to learn.

The #1 Reason Home Businesses Fail (In Jim’s Books)

i’ve already identified many of the biggest challenges stopping people from making money, and it had nothing to do with how long they were in the industry or how many books they read or even how smart they were.

there are a number of reasons for the failure rate, but “lack of creativity” is the biggest one.

marketing is hard when you haven’t seen enough new ideas that work. especially when just about every guru out there sabotages your learning by telling you that their stuff works and makes so much money…when in reality, it doesn’t.

their agenda is to have something sellable to sell. if they told you that they spent a million dollars to make 100,000 in 30 days then it’s not exactly going to fetch much of a price. so they tell you “i made 100,000 in 30 days using this method”. and they leave the little detail of it costing a million to pull it off.

come on people. think!

Reason #2: Lots of Misinformation. Most Advice is Outright Lies.

oh yeah, i’m in the inner circle, so to speak. i can tell you tales of fabrication which will make you doubt everything you ever believed.

so yes, a lot of people are duplicating stuff that plain outright doesn’t work…and has NEVER really worked for anyone. no matter how “sexy” they make the method sound.

the people who “make it” usually have at some point figured out a way to see through people’s bullshit and fill their heads with good examples they derive inspiration from. that’s how creative people work.

otherwise, without creativity, the only thing they can do is swindle other people of their money by telling them lies.

Creativity Can Be Learned

i’ve found that creativity, is missing for most of us when we start anything.

but as soon as a student grasps it, they find their voice and immediately see a clear path to the identity, the vision, and the future of their business. That’s the jewel.

More valuable than money.
More desirable than survival.

once they see the cleared path ahead, the once frustrated, burned out student….now “runs with the ball”. A renewed sense of passion for what they’re doing as a REAL business!

a real business, that just HAPPENS to run on the internet.

when it’s THEIR idea, it stops being about a network marketing scheme or an affiliate gig.

it becomes about them turning their ideas into reality and seeing their impact on the lives of others.

“Me Too! Me Too!” *dorks*

in fact, as i looked around, i realised in a sea of “me too” marketers, i was cranking out business ideas DAILY for my clients. ideas, that i, quite honestly would sometimes love to work on.

why not?

but for all my hard work, many of the people who consult with me, after painful, tiring man-hours between me and my staff working on their businesses, trying to help them succeed…

…they do not even turn the switch on!

they fail to start!!!

and, you know, there’s a culture amongst us in the “online marketing” world, that this should be accepted as NORMAL. that it’s cool that we sell stuff to people who’ll never do anything with it, because it’s not our problem.

or is it?

Maybe It is Our Problem After All?

we hear all the big shots talking shit about how we should accept it; that people will buy courses and do nothing with them. that people will lose interest.

We’ve even been taught to call them names and look down on them as less worthy.

i don’t know about you, doesn’t a little voice inside, tell you there’s something wrong with that?

a voice inside me has been telling me this for about three years. it’s haunted me.

on the contrary, when gurus talk of the “80/20 rule” and how you should focus on the 20% of you customers who bring the “results”…

i can’t help but notice the other slice of the pie is much bigger!

MUCH, MUCH bigger.

not that they’re wrong about the 80/20 rule…

but it’s their complacency that bothers me. you’re telling me, i’m supposed to go in, take money from everyone i sell to…but knowing do it, with the absolute belief that my product is ONLY going to give value to 20% of the people i take money from?

What about the other 80% i rip off?

i’m supposed to disappoint 80% of my customers. promise, but not deliver. take money, and give nothing in return?

What Does That Make Me?

what does that make ANYONE in business?

i’m sorry, i fought it hard and long. and i’m not going to any more.

i want to raise the bar. Even if it is by 1%. because that’s what a business leader does. that’s what the Googles and the Facebooks of the world do.

they raise the bar.

i’m sure if you’ve been around the industry for a while, you’ve seen the same old boring launches before. Then after a long period of silence, you probably noticed that my recently released “PPC Supremacy” with business partner David Schwind was not “just another launch”.

was it?

It Raised The Bar!

for everyone who followed.

and this is why i wrote this long tiresome post.

i think i found an answer that will make a small handful of people very happy. while it will at the same time be completely dismissed as “just another gimmick” by everyone else.

and that’s ok. it’s all part of my plan.

i’m not going to send out email about this. because my intention is for most people to never make it this far.

This Post is Special…

it’s an experiment i’ve been DYING to try. it’s pretty out there. so i’m not looking for losers who’re gonna get mad if it doesn’t work out.

not that i think of people like that

…winners and losers, i mean….

but i just REALLY don’t want to attract the wrong kind of person to this thing. it will cost me a lot more time and money to deal with certain people than i’m prepared to give.

this is a project about EFFICIENCY.

here’s what i’m thinking…

for the longest time, i’ve watched this industry from near and from afar.

i’ve seen some good things and some bad. a lot of disgusting, horrifying things, to be honest. and what is clear to me is that aside from the 99% of the market that’s just RUBBISH OF SOCIETY…there are people out there who are prepared to do whatever it takes to make it. and they get it.

they understand that i don’t have ten minutes to chit-chat on the phone. not because i’m a dick, but because i am usually trying to put out about 13 fires at the same time. barely got 2 hours of sleep the whole week, and the idea of food hasnt had time to cross my mind in about 3 days.

they get that.

so they don’t email me with dipshit inquiries and then get mad when i don’t reply. i barely have time to reply to stuff that IS IMPORTANT.

No. instead, they sneak into my life.

they do it so artfully and carefully…i’ve watched, completely aware but enjoying it tremendously.

though i’ve made myself relatively accessible to the public…it’s these people who still have respect for my time, despite my friendliness that i appreciate most.

you never see an agenda in them other than their willingness to take whatever i feel like giving them. but otherwise willing to serve, just to learn.

doesn’t matter if what they get doesn’t take a minute from me…whether it’s advice, a referral, or whatever…it has IMMENSE value to them.

so they’re extremely eager to serve. they understand while it would be offensive to offer me money for my advice, they see value in just being around. being handy.

you might think me an old fashioned fellow for saying this… and that sucks, because you might be right. i could be old fashioned…

Magic & Fantasy; History & Reality.

but i remember when i was growing up, i’d read a lot of books about magic and fantasy. and always a mother or father would pack their young boy up and send him off with strangers who would take him to be a servant to a knight, or a wizard, or a scholar in the hope that the kid would one day grow up and do something great.

Become SOMEONE great!

we’ve all seen the movies and read the books. Legends of heroism, bravery like Merlin, Arthur, The Dark Knight, the Karate Kid and so on.

Gambling their Flesh and Blood? I Guess, I Can See That…

i always wondered how a person could just leave their child, knowing they will never see them again…gamble their flesh and blood on “apprenticeship”. but scary as it seems, in a twisted way it makes sense.

that was the way out of “the rat race” in their day!

when you’re poor and trodden on, you want your kid to have a chance at doing something huge with their lives. You want them empowered so no one would step on them again.

this stuff doesn’t just happen in fantasy, though.

Good for the Economy

certain governments (eg Australia) recognise apprenticeship as one of the fastest ways to improve their economy. They aim to empower their youth with trade-learning programs before they drop out of school or end up in non-academic pursuits.

they help small businesses by subsiding the cost of paying apprentices, contributing to the formal education, and they give many other incentives for tradesmen to hire trainees and empower them.

in turn, the tradesmen often give partnership opportunities as trust is built between them and their apprentices. as they prove themselves worthy…because they’ve been hand-trained. it’s almost like passing on “the family business” to your kids.

Except the tradesman gets to choose his apprentice!

Worked in History Too

in history too, many very valuable trades were taught that way.

Before universities and educational institutions, a scholar would take on a student who would be unobtrusive and helpful who’d learn from observing. and as they got better and better, they would start doing their own projects and have the wisdom and guidance of their mentor right to help them.

i like that idea. i’ve always liked it.

It’s Going on Around Us Right Now!

in fact, in a big way, “apprenticeship” is how people are being turned into “rockstars” over night in the industry, right now. Yes, right now!

often, all it takes is to be in the presence of the right person, when they’re in a social mood.

i’ve seen total beginners who came out of NOWHERE. they managed to get into the good books of guru X and suddenly the rest of the gurus knew their name. heck, i did it.

most of us did it!

all it takes is to get invited along to something…and you’re in.

Something Disturbing About the Students

but i’ve noticed something disturbing about the people who spend time with us.

wealthy and successful people socialise differently from everyone else. for them, socialising and bonding with other wealthy men and women is a business strategy. Dinner bills are not paid by whoever gets stuck with the bill…

one guy offers to pick up the tab so he can get in the good graces of the others.

another guy does it because he wants to show that he is the wealthiest at the table.

another feels obligated because the people seated at the table are people she considers her students.

a student picks up the tab to impress his teacher.

what it ends up being is that either the tag-along apprentice starts to feel like a bit of dead-weight bludger if they never pick up tab. Or they find themselves spending money they can’t afford to spend so they can attend every event, every social activity, and sometimes they find themselves having to do activities they don’t morally (and sometimes religiously) agree with!

The “Help” is Hardly Worth Anything

to make matters worse, suppose the student were to ask a personal question or to ask for advice about their own business…or a favour even.

it’s almost always seen as a disturbance by the rest of the group…who are really out to have a good time. they don’t care about the student’s agenda to get ahead!

and yet people do it. i did it. i remember flying out to events i had no “what’s in it for me?” other than that i MIGHT meet someone important. that there MIGHT be an opportunity or a project in it for me.

i’m sure you’ve done something like that too. and it’s cool

but it sure wastes a lot of time. doesn’t it?

and money.

if you ask me, i rather hang out with my “role models” while they’re WORKING instead of while partying. i’d have learned a lot more and would have willingly done anything for my mentors…if they’d just let me observe their process.

i know that it would be backwards to think we can resurrect “apprenticeship” in exactly the same way online, but i’ve been thinkign a lot about it.

here’s the thing…

if i really wanted to show someone how to make money, i would have to do it WITH them. and we tried the “coaching” thing…

we did ONE day and it was too short.

we did THREE days and it was too LONG.

we did the hand-holding.

we did the coaching.

we did the done-for-you stuff.

and in all cases, i just feel we fell short and left the student wanting. the value was definitely there, but the student, not his words, but with actions showed it. they continued making contact. They continued asking for more help…

help we honestly could not afford to give.

but i knew, they asked because they NEEDED more…

we could not give them more, because what they wanted would require us to leave our businesses unattended. A successful business person does NOT take his focus away from his own stuff. A successful business person does NOT invest attention in a project they have no long-term interest in.

in fact, many times, these coaching things were “end of the line” for us.

as soon as someone had my phone number, they no longer felt a need to buy anything from me. why should they, if i’m giving it for free?

and i know it sounds bad, but it really isn’t. it actually challenged me to ask myself…

“What would they have to do, to make it worth your while. Can you REALLY REALLY help them?”

that might seem like an obvious question to ask.

but it’s not easy to put a dollar price on something as huge a commitment as this. because you’re asking a very busy person to take their focus off their passion and vision to deal with someone else’s project.

it’s not a matter of money. you get me?

You really couldn’t offer me enough money to take a break from my vision.

when your vision powers you instead of your greed, it really makes a difference in your actions.

so i pondered this idea for months and months.

and as i expanded my business and acquired new staff, i noticed something else.

each person who joined my staff and began working for me was an expert in their own right. Successful copywriters, television commercial editors, researchers with doctorate degrees, magazine editors, scientists, highly skilled programmers, assistants, and so on….as i hired out each skill…

in the beginning, they acted like it was just another job, and i was just another contract.

Video Marketing Training

but as time passed, little by little, one video editor began to learn marketing just from editing my training videos. another was being trained how to create videos that sell…by ME.

i am not a video editor.

PPC Advertising Mastery

one technician was trained on my keyword research process so he could help me build client accounts. pretty soon he asks if he could use the software and tools and training he got from me to do his own CPA advertising.

Sure, why not?


copywriters–one starts to learn a whole new process to copywriting that makes his imagination run wild. the other asks me to teach him PPC to market his ad writing services.

I was better than my staff; At Their Own Jobs!

i realised pretty soon that i was having to train my staff…because home business and marketing on the internet is a totally new profession. no one has really started to teach it.

there’s not a lot of formal education on it, there are no degrees you can hire that bring people with good business sense and practical, real world results.

the skills, at the level i need them, are simply not out there.

and i’m training my staff and paying them at the same time. but when they leave me, they take the new skill to the next job. So my investment in employees is toward very short-term assets.

then it hit me!

i decided to execute a plan i’d been thinking about all along. i’m going to execute it. and really help HELP people to learn ONLINE BUSINESS BUILDING principles. from A to Z.

my way, though.

because many of the online marketing entrepreneurs i meet (especially the ones who sneak into my life) actually have plenty of marketing skill.

what they’re missing is fundamental BUSINESS stuff that no one teaches or even emphasizes. Everyone is too concerned with the instant gratification of getting leads or something else they’ve been programmed to need.

They totally miss the big picture skills of creativity, discipline, morality, and accountability.

i find the biggest problem to be lack of creativity. i spoke about that already. but then there’s more..

Lame and Boring

their businesses are, i’m sorry to say this, lame and boring. even they’re not excited about them! dude. i will give them ideas.

they have a bad work ethic…totally inappropriate for business. who’s gonna teach that to them? me. i work so hard my days run into each other. no one has EVER got to the top sitting on their hands.

they have no business ethic. no one is teaching them what is right and wrong, what is ACTUALLY moral and what just happens to work. who’s going to save them when a law suit smacks them in the eye for intellectual property infringement?

they do not have business systems. they are PART of systems, but they do not have their OWN systems they follow. i believe people can be automated like machines and streamlined. that’s how i train my staff…so they only use their most useful skill while leaving the rest of the process to other parts of the machine.

they have no sense of responsibility. i find the biggest challenge is that new business owners do not understand responsibility. they do things that are comfortable and it appears to have no impact on their bottom line. but they lose MILLIONS in damaged reputation. and to be honest, even some of the people who have made a lot of money in the industry are losing sales every day because they did not honour a promise or two. if you ask them, the excuse is ready.

still wondering why all the “how to” courses fail to how-to?

i thought so. i want to change that.

here’s how it works:

I’m looking for a special person to be my apprentice. someone who will work alongside me, mastering skills by working on live projects.

i will help them with their projects and they will help me with mine.

whatever they lack from their most sellable skill, i will train them on it so they are a long-term asset. to me and to themselves.

  1. For this to work, i’m going to need someone who is not a loser.
  2. They can have my time, if they are willing to trade me theirs
  3. They can access my entire staff of copywriters, researchers, writers, programmers, etc if they will agree to master a skill i can in turn benefit from.
  4. They can get me to work with them on their projects, if they will work with me on mine
  5. They will be consistent and competent because i don’t tolerate anything less. i work on a 3-strike system. 3 strikes and you’re dropped from the program. mistakes cost a LOT more than money in business. mistakes cost CUSTOMER TRUST. sales cannot happen in an environment that is unsafe, chaotic, inconsistent, or unpredictable.
  6. They will be unobtrusive and helpful and take whatever learning they get on the job
  7. They will not whine or complain and they will follow my instructions IMMEDIATELY for their business – no excuses.
  8. They will be accessible to me and to THEIR CUSTOMERS 24/7 around the clock, because they understand that online, it’s always daytime SOMEWHERE in the world.
  9. They will understand that we are on newspaper deadlines and will not let their personal shit get in the way of being reliable.
  10. They will be a long-term asset to me and will understand that if they want my TRUE involvement in their business, it will be on my time and on my terms. and they will have to answer to me if they slip.
  11. It will help their application if they are member of any of my downlines. Explore them on your own at http://www.jimyaghi.com/partner-up

    I won’t deal with questions on it – make up your own mind and if you’r confused about something WORK IT OUT.

  12. They will respect my time and make appointments to speak with me by phone.
  13. They will attend all meetings on time and follow proper cancelling procedures if they need to reschedule.

these are my conditions.

I am one of the top advertising specialists in the home business industry.

And if you want to learn any of my skills, it comes at a price, it takes time, hard work, and discipline. if you think the deal i proposed IS NOT FAIR….then you are absolutely right.



this is not for losers. this is not for pussies. this isn’t even for GOOD marketers or people with money. it’s for TRUE loyalists, fans. someone i can trust with my business, my life.

i am looking for someone who knows i will only be of value to them if they are EQUALLY valuable to me.

i want someone who understands that the WEIGHT and GRAVITY of every word i share with them, every demand I made of them to improve. i have an extremely high standard for EVERYONE who works with me. Anything below perfection is NOT good enough.

This Does Not Cost Money!

there is NO MONETARY COST, so of course no refunds or unhappy customers. just the way i like it.

the apprentice is NOT a customer.

this is also NOT A COURSE or “program” to buy – it doesn’t go for one day. it runs indefinitely, it is an apprenticeship where you learn “on the job”.

if i wanted to make money from this deal, i probably could have asked for it. but this is not for a person with money. it’s for someone who is hungry and wants more.

since i don’t ask for your money, i do not care about your money problems. that wastes my time. i also will not contribute to your money problems if that helps. you will probably get free access to my entire library if i think you need it.


$0.00 (FREE).


any candidate who wishes to apply will be screened and interviewed. and should expect to go through an initiation process as a test of their suitability to the program.

i apologise in advance if you never hear back from us on the matter. assume it is a rejection of your application (not of you). i am too knit-picky for my reasons to make sense to anyone else but me.

if you are interested, apply.

If you know someone who you think would be good for this, hit SHARE or forward them this URL.

Applicants must write every single skill they have to get the best chance of admission. everything you know about, say it. tell us how much money you’ve made. what you did before. and why you think you deserve to be my apprentice.

DO NOT POST RESUMES HERE! This is your first test to see if you can follow instructions.


Forward “resumes” by EMAIL to PENNY BAKER ( penny@jimyaghi.com )

— Share the opportunity with any talented friends you think have potential to be great in business —

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