Why Use YaghiLabs?

YaghiLabs was founded by Jim Yaghi, originally a Computer Scientist and Artificial Intelligence expert. Jim has owned, operated, and consulted businesses on Traffic generation and sales over the web.

Since 2005, YaghiLabs has become the foremost expert on paid traffic sources such as Google Adwords and Facebook Sponsored Advertising.

Jim has authored and Co-Authored two best-selling training courses on traffic generation and sales. He has become renowned for finding large pockets of customers across the internet for information-based business on the web and prides himself on his ability to create audience and customers for any business from scratch.

YaghiLabs was founded on the basis that a start-up business should not have to invest large capital and take unnecessary risk. Consequently, the range of YaghiLabs Marketing and Sales services are offered on a PERFORMANCE basis – meaning, that your online business is guaranteed to profit from these services or you don’t pay!

Who Are Our Brand Lovers?

Our brand lovers are people who run (or wish to run) an online business, part-time for 2-hours/day, from home with low costs, no physical office, and few (or no) remote staff members with high passive returns of income over $30,000/month.

The START-UP online business, which has never made a profit, gets little exposure, has a limited budget, and wants to make profit fast.

If you have a regular job but you’re looking for alternative or supplementary income streams online, then we can help.

If you hate being employed and want the freedom of a business on the internet, then we can help.

You may have no product of your own and rather own a website that sells the products of others to earn commissions from publishers. eg, affiliate products, digital products, and internet business “systems”.

You follow many “gurus” and buy training products from them on marketing, traffic, and sales to learn the skills you need to create a profitable businesses.

You may have no business background, and few technical, marketing, or sales skills.

You have bought a lot of training products and spent at least 12 months TRYING to build a business without much or any results.

You are fascinated with the stories of other marketers who had great success building an educational/informational business online. Some examples of such businesses are:

  • – businesses built around an eBook on dog training
  • – businesses built around an eBook on dating advice
  • – businesses built around an Ebook on weight loss
  • – businesses built around books, courses, and information on marketing
  • – businesses built around financial advice, particularly gold and silver and real-estate investment

However, you are jaded by your lack of results and are now open to trying a new approach from what has become “traditional”.

Now you’re open to the idea of building a business around an areas you already have great expertise in. eg, the thing you do for a job and have earned a salary from for the past 20+ years.

You care about having:

  • – low maintenance business
  • – low costs for advertising
  • – lots of “do it yourself” stuff for the activities you enjoy (eg, blogging and product development)
  • – lots of “outsourcing” for the stuff you hate and have no skill in (marketing, sales, traffic, technical, graphics, writing)
  • – Easy products you can build quickly
  • – A processes that allow you to sell the products of others as a secondary source of income and save the effort of having to create a large product line of your own.

If this sounds like you, then YaghiLabs is for you.

Explore our products and services and find the most suitable solution for your budget.


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