Our Values

At Yaghi Labs we strictly value and enforce the following FIVE Pillars of Business Excellence, listed in order of importance:

  1. Integrity
  2. Quality
  3. Speed
  4. Changeability
  5. Scalability

Following is a description of each pillar and how we implement it:

Yaghi Labs FIVE Pillars of Business Excellence


At Yaghi Labs, integrity comes before everything else. Any enterprise built on lies, dishonesty, deceit, inconsideration, immorality, or greed is like building a grand castle from sand. It is flimsy at its best.

We deal honestly with our customers, clients, and our peers.

All terms of any business deal, no matter how large or small, should always be fully disclosed up front. We do not go back on written deals nor act with displeasure should we change our mind after we have agreed to a business deal. In cases of extreme unhappiness, then the appropriate course of action is to inform the other party that you wish to change the terms, and you must be prepared to remain committed to the original terms of the deal regardless of your level of dissatisfaction. Always accept responsibility for any deals which have already been agreed upon.

Maintain a written record of all details and discussions in case either party forgets. Never fear to state concerns, objections, or potential issues before the deal is finalised. Never be deceitful in any way, but always be prepared for the deceit of others. Give people the benefit of the doubt and always take “the high road” in times of conflict.

The pay-off may not be apparent in the short-term when you adhere to this value of integrity, but it will pay off multiple times over with customer loyalty, friendship, and reputation. While one bad apple may not respect you for this value, others will give you their undying loyalty.


Quality is the fulfilment of a promise to a customer to a level as near perfection as possible, and that meets or exceeds the customer’s full expectations. It is an ongoing and continually improving process.

Quality is a sales mechanism in itself with its own intrinsic value. Because we believe in Quality as a pillar of doing business at YaghiLabs, we aim to only charge clients and customers in proportion to the RESULT we bring them.

When our client-base is other businesses, quality means that our service does its job and makes them money; it increases their profit. A client who profits from our relationship with them will come back to us with more money to spend.

Quality is integrated into every subsidiary business of YaghiLabs. Our services and products are low-risk because we only charge fees that cover the subsidiary’s expense to render the service. Our subsidiaries are given NO incentive to merely “complete” a job as an obligation. After costs are recovered, we identify feedback mechanisms that indicate our service is fulfilling its business function, and charge proportionally to the revenue or profit we bring to the client. Our subsidiaries incentive is only in increasing the client’s bottom line.

Additionally, at YaghiLabs, we use a Micro-Business structure which allows our subsidiaries to each specialise in one micro-function and refine it into a science over years of practice. We deliver quality even to the smallest details of a job.

We always aim to go over and beyond the standard others set; for when we compete on quality of product or quality of service, we are always the preferred choice for customers, no matter the price we ask.


Speed is rapidity in moving; to start immediately and move quickly to complete an agreed task or function.

In business, Speed can make money, and slowness can lose money.

When serving business clients, we must be cognisant of their desire for speed. In general, clients want things instantly and since we are in technological times we must fulfil that desire.

Speed is yet another factor we MUST compete on. Speed is an ongoing refinement process, just as required with Quality.

Our Micro-Business structure allows us to complete micro-functions of any task with speed. We are capable of breaking down a complex task into as many pieces as necessary to become simple, and we have the ability to delegate simple tasks to specialists of every micro-function needed to efficiently and accurately complete it.

At Yaghi Labs, we are dedicated to providing instant or near-instant gratification to all our customers and peers.

When we agree to take on an assignment, we start immediately and do not stop until it is complete. If we are too slow, clients lose money and we lose them; but if we are fast, they will give us their loyalty and choose us over the competition every time.


Changeability is the ability to be fluid and alter processes, modify techniques, and add skills on demand.

Technology improves quickly and new business opportunities arise and disappear in the blink of an eye. The ability to shift direction, alter a strategy, or create a new service is critical to every business’ success.

Your clients expect the ability to change as the need arises and your business needs to have that capability before it can offer it to them.

YaghiLabs competes on Changeability and believes it is what makes us most unique amongst our competition. Our modular communication structure means we can alter a process on paper and effect a change in how we delegate tasks, who we delegate them to, and when we need to recruit new skills to be delegate to.

Every Micro Function at Yaghi Labs is designed to allow new Micro-Businesses to be born on demand and handle new requirements. We can enter new markets, speak different languages, carry out country-specific tasks, and accommodate new technology and legislation in days instead of months or years.


Scalability is the ability of a business to scale its operation and handle high volumes of customers as the need arises.

If a business cannot scale with new demand, it will be destroyed and left behind; its reputation suffers, its quality suffers, its speed suffers, and its changeability suffers. Every Micro Function at Yaghi Labs, from its inception, is designed with the ability to scale and accommodate as many clients as should ever need its services.

Systematisation and modularisation is key. Processes and procedures are created from the first day to recommend a course of action for the eventuality that the business reaches capacity. Since we minimise the use of employees and instead rely on contractors to perform functions, we can just as easily scale temporarily as we can scale permanently.


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