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You've already watched from the side-lines of this blog as I started generating 1,000 Leads DAILY, converting them at 30% into sales

Let's Do It AGAIN For YOU & Kick Your Traffic Problems In The Groin For Good...



Magic happens at the speed of light.

Imagine a tap. You turn it. And it pumps customers. Your website is flooded with visitors in seconds.

I am one of few wizards left who can make that sort of magic. My wand waves, sparks fly, and traffic flows.

It’s the most beautiful thing you will ever see. I’d say the only thing prettier to watch, is a burning comet penetrating the night sky.
Traffic is awesome.

Most online business people have been chasing traffic so long they start to doubt it exists. They’ve bought courses, training, and software. They’ve been to seminars, asked the big dawgs, and lost money in trial and error. At best, they received a trickle of visitors to their site. I know this.

Traffic is a MYTH?

When I first started marketing online, I couldn’t stop thinking about how to get more leads. I tried everything until I began to suspect traffic was a myth.

And in a way, it is. Most people who teach you how to get leads don’t personally run huge traffic. At least they don’t any more.

Because out in guru-land, the big boys don’t do their own traffic. They use affiliates–little guys who generate 5 or 10 leads a day. Hundreds of leads from affiliates combined add up to huge and impressive numbers.

They also contract lead generation to SEVERAL “traffic-getting guys”. A SEO team, a PPC team, several social media slaves.

They make “media buys” which bring THOUSANDS of leads every day. (media buys are a way to tap into a giant network of affiliates paid by the lead)

And so on…

The total traffic you can get from all these things is ridiculous. No single person, no matter how good (or good looking), can do that kind of volume.

On the other hand, when you outsource traffic…

gettin’ leads is easy…

But outsourcing traffic ain’t an option for most people, unless you’re good at creating offers and have lots of money to spend on testing them.

When discovered that almost everyone teaching traffic is actually outsourcing it, i figured it’s more useful to find a free “how to” guide on PPC, SEO, or social media traffic, written by an affiliate who does a measly 7 leads/day…than to buy some over-priced course from a “guru” who claims numbers you’d ordinarily never be able to do on your own.

I learned this early.

So I just figured it out by myself and it took a while.

But most students of marketing never figure this out. They go on buying and trying to learn from the guy who claims the HUGEST numbers. And every day, a new one comes out.
They try the “tricks” they’re taught and still see no traffic.

No wonder the girls and guys I’ve built PPC campaigns for, (you’ll find some of their stories here in this blog) are so amazed when traffic finally hits their businesses. I wish you could see their faces, because at that instant, they look priceless.

Squirming Like a Fishy

I’ve never been a fan of the “give them the fish” thing, but i’m frustrated with all the twitching and squirming businesses are doing for traffic. It’s pathetic. And it reminds me of a suffocating fish trying to breathe out of water.


If you’ve been pissing around for months and months trying to get traffic and leads, i should just give it to you so you can go practice other things.

Maybe I will. Why not.

What the hell, let’s do it.

You just “happen” to show up

Like I said, traffic is easy. You can always buy it done-for-you. But if you can’t convert a visitor to a lead, and a lead to a sale, and a sale to another sale…then you will never be able to buy traffic or turn a profit anyway. Traffic and conversion go hand-in-hand.

As far as traffic goes, it’s no secret that I’m a passionate believer in PPC. Because it’s cool, immediate, and positions you so you don’t have to LOOK for prospects.

Actually, it is this very positioning that makes PPC perfect for selling and sponsoring. In a market where everyone else is throwing themselves at the customer, desperately adding friends on Twitter and Facebook, spreading their videos and articles like trash all over the internet, commenting on other people’s blogs and sleezing themselves all over their potential customer…

There’s the PPC advertiser. He has composure.

The relationship begins with the customer asking a question. You casually respond with a very brief promise of an answer on the sidelines of the search. Almost teasing them. But it’s unobtrusive, it’s calm. And if the customer clicks, you refuse entry to them unless they give you something first.

Maybe a single piece of contact info.

You continue to tease, dripping a trail of what they want…almost like luring a cat from the street into your home.

And it’s that consistency in your position that makes PPC a perfect traffic source for making effortless sales.

I Don’t Like Doin’ PPC For Others

But I never liked doing PPC for people. And I didn’t want to teach it to anyone. Because I often found myself giving away my favourite fishing spots…so to speak. The keywords that buying customers seem to be searching for are things I should keep secret.

Giving away the keywords buyers search for kept getting me in trouble.

Thousands of advertisers would come flocking with their fishing rods in hand to my favourite fishing hole. They drive the cost up and make it nearly impossible to fish. And in fact, with the increased cost, those keywords stop being profitable and advertising is ruined for everyone.

That’s why most people who join the wave too late get frustrated with PPC quickly. Since the keywords that are rumoured to be profitable are actually too expensive to make money from.

I’ve been secretly using and perfecting a method for keyword research that actually CREATES new “favourite” fishing spots. It allows whoever uses it to make their own niche unique to their identity… without increasing or even DEALING with the competition in the marketplace.

Here’s what I have for you…

Over the past two years, I’ve invented and perfected a flawless method for keyword research.

When I use this technique, I can create a unique keyword set for anyone.

That keyword set encompasses a GIGANTIC chunk of their market and everything searched for by the target customer. It gives me insight as to what the majority of their market is really after. And this approach is actually the only one i know that makes it DEAD EASY to make affiliate sales and SPONSOR reps. Even if you’re a total douche bag. (I hope you’re not, but ya never know).

Now this is important.

If you’ve done PPC for any length of time, you’ve probably been told of a handful of keywords which are supposed to bring the “best” traffic. And surprise, surprise, when you bid on them, you found those keywords to be really competitive and somewhat expensive.
That’s because, although those keywords probably do convert to sales, not necessarily profitably, they help the publisher sell his/her products. Which is fine because that makes YOU, their affiliate, a commission. But you quickly find you’ve become a glorified pawn on their chess-board, selling someone else’s products at your expense, instead of doing what you really want…

To sell your stuff.

I have actually found a way to pre-program the traffic you get to come join you and want to know only you…not the system owner. Cool, right? I think so 🙂

The best part about my approach is that it uncovers the cheapest, easiest, AND most profitable traffic opportunities. So you can spend way less than anyone else in your business to get friggin laser targeted prospects with big wallets and money to spend.

$0.30 Cent Opportunity LEADS

As of last week, I used this exact method to get business opportunity buyer leads for as little as 30 cents each. Word.

Actually, could you just read that again. Because, even I’m impressed with me. That’s a personal best.

$0.97 Cent Real Estate LEADS

This week, I did it for another guy in the highly competitive REAL ESTATE niche. And we’re getting leads for $0.97 cents. This is a market where people are used to spending $27 bucks per CLICK to get on the first page of the Big G!


This is your chance to have a “custom-made” PPC Campaign that gets you INSTANT leads and traffic. A custom PPC campaign made by my “immune to competition” signature method. It will contain roughly 50,000 keywords. That should be representative of the things your ideal prospect searches for.

I’ll load the campaign up for you into your accounts, and all you need to do is…


That’s it.

When you turn it on, you’ll get traffic. I guarantee this.

If for some strange reason you don’t get traffic…like the sky isn’t blue that day or something, I promise I’ll redo it for you. And, mate, it would be EASIER to just give you back your money than to have to spend the hours it takes to redo the painstaking process.
But i stand behind my promise. Because i’m so sure the masterpiece I create for you will bring you exactly the people you ask me to bring. I got no problem making that bet.

When we turn on that traffic, you will NOT become an overnight millionaire just yet. So don’t go credit-card crazy. Traffic is only half the story…but it brings you halfway to the endline. The rest is what you do with the traffic (ie, SELLING STUFF).

That’s where you’ll focus your energy from that day on.

Better yet

I’ll even give you a flow-chart for managing your campaigns from start to finish.

Its steps are so mechanically simple that i have a team of low-paid 3rd world country-men who manage campaigns for my own ppc management clients, and they use these exact charts.

My high-end clients earn upwards of $100,000/month in passive profit. Imagine what YOU could do!

Just so we’re clear…

You need to understand, even with our help, it’s still YOU who has to convert the traffic to leads and sales. This is just an added bonus we’ll do as a favour for you.

We guarantee traffic, not conversion. But we’ll make an extra effort to get you closer to the finish-line.

We care about your total success.

Traffic will never Trouble you again.

No more posting crap on facebook, following dudes on Twitter, and all that other boring stuff. No more buying traffic courses from people who only really know how to use partners (JVs) and affiliates to get traffic. NO more information overload from all the junk you’ve been loading your pretty brain with.

People will come to your site every single day. At all hours of the day and night. They’ll come from any country you wish.

I’ve done it for myself and for others…time and time again. I trust this method. My partners insist I use this method on our projects too.


Imagine THAT!

Clearly, such a thing as a “done for you traffic” solution–which works, and is consistent, and is the last traffic solution you’ll ever need…it would be pretty valuable to your business, ha?

Until just now, traffic might have seemed like the hardest thing in the world to get.

Not for us.

That problem is…

Gone. Poof. Magic. Abracadabra. Problem disappeared.

This technique, which i’ve taught only to very few people…takes several full-time dedicated hours to implement. So i decided, rather than tell you i only work with certain people and all that other negative qualifier crap…i’m going to just start a QUEUE system.

First come, first served.

And i obviously don’t plan to spend all my days, every day building out campaigns for people. So there will be a wait time between applicants. As long as you understand that, I’m willing to give you…

The Miracle of Traffic.

Also, it’s not exactly going to be cheap since it takes time from me to build out every single account (and yes, i will be PERSONALLY doing it and checking it).

I’ve decided it’s fair to price this at 1,997 bucks.

Because here’s the part i didn’t tell you before.

I am working on a much bigger training project right now. And i wanted to study my own process and turn it into a step-by-step one that anyone can follow. I also want to hear from real students of traffic and online business to find out what difficulties they face.

So while you’ll be contributing to my little study, i’ll be giving you traffic and consulting for a wayyyyy better price than i usually charge. My normal rate is in excess of 200,000/year.

And this consultation is already conflicting with some of my other projects, so i’ll eventually discontinue this service.

NOW…If you just saw that price and were like “Oh CRAP!”, then too bad!

Just kidding.

There’s another solution further down for you. I understand it’s not easy building your business on a budget, I do.

You Happy Big Kid, You…

When i give you traffic, i always guarantee you TRAFFIC. Immediate traffic. Go forth and convert it into money. Now you can play with the big kids.

So here’s what you get for 1,997

– a 2 hour phone consultation and strategy session with me.

This originally began as a 30 minute consultation, but clients have told me it was the most valuable conversation they ever had because it finally gave them clarity.

In this 2 hour session, i have three main goals:

  1. to discover a unique selling angle for you to distinguish yourself from everyone else
  2. who the best people for you to target are and how to find them with PPC. So far, rarely has anyone been targeting the right people with their offer!
  3. and to show you how to use your new angle, tone, and voice to build an online marketing personality that makes sales easily.

This is a strategy session where you could ask for advice on ANY part of the conversion process or traffic. it’s designed to give you a clear idea about what you should be doing with your business for the next year or two. Because a lot of online business owners are so focused on getting an immediate result that they forget whatever idea they invest in has to keep working for a long time to come!

– you get a brand new squeeze page concept

It won’t look so flashy and it’s meant to be only a skeleton.

But some of the people who bought this before you were so impressed with their landing pages that they refused to change them and they’re still out there uglifying someone else’s day. My landing pages convert well because of their usability and the target audience.

I find the hardest thing to TEACH anyone is the creative process.

That’s why there’s so little originality in markets like affiliate and MLM. The squeeze page concept is like a business plan giving you a spark of creativity, an idea, that gets your juices flowing.

Use this squeeze page as a template for the rest of your tone and attitude in your follow up, in your blog posts, and so on. It will also be a suggested outline for the bait you’ll use for getting potential customers to give you their contact info.

That helps you create the free report, the video, the pdf, whatever you’re going to give people for opting in.

So you’re basically going to know how to make your own “lead magnet” real quickly.

– My web-guy will make your landing page into an HTML file for you

It will be ready to upload to your server as is, if you want. Just plug in your autoresponder code, and you’re ready to roll.

– A Business Plan

This PDF will tell you exactly how to setup your website and landing page, how to talk to your prospects and follow-up with them. We’ll tell you which colours to use, the right fonts, and the language tone.

– a PPC campaign done for you, setup, ready to hit play

Yep, i’ll have a complete PPC campaign setup for you in your own account. It will have tens of thousands of keywords, about 500 adgroups, and roughly 1,000 ads (not unique of course).

A recommended daily budget would be set.

A recommended bid for all keywords would be set.

It would all be paused and waiting for you to hit go.

You can change any of my suggested bids or budgets around as you wish, but understand that the less you spend, the longer you have to wait to tweak and scale up.

– a file with all the keywords i chose specifically for you

It’s going to be a CSV file with about 500 or so keywords i use to seed your 50,000+ final set. This is useful if you want to do SEO with them or move into another search platform like Google.

– 50,000+ keywords in a Google Adwords spreadsheet

You can import this file directly into Google Adwords using the Adwords Editor tool. (You can download that from the Google website for free. it’s a program you install on your computer and it makes it easier to mess with your Adwords campaigns without logging into the website).

The number of keywords varies but i’ll make sure it’s over 50,000.

– two suggested ad copy variations

i’ll write you two suggested PPC ads that you should try and test against each other. I make these naturally flow with the squeeze page i give you. Together, the squeeze page i give you, the keyword set, and the ad variations should be used together and then optimised.

– an instruction PDF for optimising your campaign

This is advice for you to continue maintaining your new account. It shows you how to continually drop your cost and increase spending in the areas with which you have success.

– a flow-chart for PPC management

Clients trust my team to use this exact step-by-step process to optimise and scale up their traffic. You can follow it word-for-word. Every decision is mechanically simple – you just check a metric we tell you, and based on its value, you’ll know what to do next. Delete a keyword. Expand on a keyword. Split-test another ad. Modify your landing page. Add a product.

The flow-chart will tell you what to do.

– one follow-up with support

this is for after we’re done.

If say after a month you have some stats and you want feedback from me or guidance as to what to do next, just send me an email with your stats and ask. I’ll answer your questions and advise you about what i would do. You can cash this email in ANY time, but i recommend letting your account run for one whole month so that we have enough information for me to be able to advise you well.

On the other hand

If all this sounds amazing but you don’t have the money to buy it…Don’t sweat it!

I understand it’s not easy building your business on a budget, I do…

So here’s what I’m going to do as a second option for people who can’t spend 19,970 on my Done-For-You traffic:

Option 2 – For The Frugal & The Cheapskate (lol you’re still ok by me):

In the second option, it’s basically a coaching/consulting call with me. I originally intended this to be only 30 minutes, but i discovered it should be longer. So in this option, you get 1 hour-call with me on ANY topic you like. But here’s a much better use of our time together:

As long as you have an existing PPC campaign uploaded to whatever…Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, YouTube…whatever it is, if you’ve got some kind of paid advertising account, I’ll take a look at it for you and point you in the right direction in the form of an account critique.

Here’s how it works:

You’ll give me access to your account(s) while on the phone with me. Together, you and I will look at your campaigns & I’ll critique it.

Meaning, I’ll check out how you’ve structured your campaign, the keywords you chose, the targeting you’re using, and the ads you’ve written. I’ll study your reports, I’ll look at your impressions, clicks, and conversion rates. I’ll even check out your landing page and tell you any problems or mistakes I see.

And if necessary, I’ll probably be making some changes to your traffic campaign to make it work better.

This is a less tedious task for me than the Done-For-You-Traffic solution but still very very useful for anyone who takes me up on it.

Some people who have received critiques in this way from me have gone on to make over $80,000 dollars a month. Not to brag or anything…but it’s really helpful to have someone who knows their stuff to come look at what you’ve been doing and advise you on how to do it better.

Also, just to be totally transparent, not everyone who had a critique went off to make all kinds of crazy money. Some of them outright quit PPC and made probably nothing.
This is the same deal as the strategy session in the previous option…I’ll be personally critiquing your account(s).

So once more, I’m not going to limit the number of people who I’ll do it for or try to qualify you…at this time.

Anyone is welcome to apply. But it’s a first come, first served basis.

And once you’ve made payment, we’ll schedule a phone date 😉 and work on it together.
You can ask me to look at as many accounts as you like. The only restriction is that it all fits into a 1 hour phone call. Because much as I love you, I don’t want to be on the phone all day with one person 🙂

The critique, the 1 hour strategy call with me where you can ask whatever you want about traffic, the edits & changes to your campaign…I’ve decided to price this very affordable at $997.

And that’s a great deal. You know it.

So to wrap up…

You need TRAFFIC. I’ll help you get it in one of two ways:

  1. I’ll just do it for you and give you a ready-made custom-built PPC account unique to you that you can go and turn on right away and have hundreds if not thousands of visitors a day to your website.
  2. or If you can’t afford option 1 or you rather learn traffic yourself but could use some help getting things moving…we can hop on the phone and I’ll totally check out every nook and cranny of your campaign and help you tune it up, give you direction for what to do next, and all that.

**WAIT** Before you go pushing the button below. Let’s be clear, if you are a habitual refunder, you probably should close this page and NOT click. Because you WILL probably ask for a refund and you won’t get it. Sorry.

This is not an information product which costs nothing but the electronic pixels it’s printed on. This is not a sale of cheap hopes and dreams. If you need those kind of refund policies, stick to info products.

You are buying a RESULT.

Please understand that this means man-hours are consumed every time the order button is clicked. I am already offering both services at an enormous discount.

However, I do stand behind my work. I GUARANTEE that the help you get from me will get you traffic. And if for whatever reason your account won’t get targeted impressions, i’ll diagnose the campaign for you and repeat the process as many times as necessary to turn the traffic back. On my honour!

Traffic Consulting Options
Option 1: Done For You PPC Traffic $19,970 Option 2: PPC Account Critique $997

Choose one of the above options, when you finish payment you will be taken to a survey form to complete your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve had to add this section because i didn’t address everything earlier.

How much will it cost me before i make money? &
How much traffic can you really get me for $x?

I am the traffic king. i can make traffic rain on you cats and dogs, but you’d get mad at me because the rest of your funnel won’t convert it. The strangest thing tho, is i discovered every time i have been the author of the squeeze page that goes with the traffic, then the average number of leads people have been seeing is typically between the 150-200 leads per month. Give or take. Not too shabby for fresh out the gate, right?

**WARNING: numbers in this section are JUST to be used as a guideline and are not based on any formal study or statistics. i am just relating conservative numbers from memory of the handful of people who i’ve worked with on this specific method of traffic. Please do not assume the same numbers will result with you. Your results could be better or worse and are affected by both what i do and what you do.**

The cost, when they don’t follow our instructions is typically around $7-$10 per lead. And provided they fund it, they get a few more leads than those who tweak their price.

People who follow instructions for optimizing (or tweaking the price), they can typically drop that to half overnight (eg, $5 per lead).

I do not like to get into numbers as far as beyond the capture page goes because that depends COMPLETELY on what individuals do on their own with the traffic i send them. Things like follow-up autoresponder messages, their thank you page, their sales letter, and their application all influence the sale numbers far more than i do.

However, since traffic is at the beginning of any online business equation, i know that the way i target searchers should at least put you in the right ballpark of audience to be able to sell easily. Since those aspects of the funnel are not in my hands, i will give you instructions on how i believe you should set them up as part of our phone consultation.

Clients who have followed this advice have reported success in getting free “application form” submission (secondary contact/survey form). They on average so far have been getting 1 application per $100-$200 spent. Most did NOTHING to optimize the process beyond my traffic cost-lowering guidelines.

And since i have only dealt with high-ticket funnels, people i’ve worked with usually try to sell upward of $5,000 products on first contact. They have so far all been able to recover at least 100% of their ad spend within that first sale. Meaning, if they spend $5,000 on advertising the untweaked, unoptimized funnel, as is…they have been getting back $5,000, enabling them to continue and to tweak their sales process.

Please, keep in mind these numbers are by no means a reflection on what you can expect for yourself. Nor should they be taken as a promise or guarantee that you will do the same.

I just think they’re pretty good numbers for you to know so that when you have your own traffic campaign you can compare to them and let me know if you fall short. I will certainly do my best to keep you happy if your numbers are far off and help you diagnose the problem.

Very few people (they weren’t familiar with these very conservative numbers) were disappointed with the speed of their progress. I do not want to make a big deal out of it, but if you plan to not follow the instructions i specifically say will help you optimize your traffic cost, then the result will always fall short of expectation. Businesses need work, even online ones too.

And if i were to do everything for someone, i suppose they may as well not have a business. Because with all the work that takes, i’d be better off owning the entire operation.

While I can’t control what you do after we part ways, i hope that in sharing these numbers i’d set your expectations in the right place and hopefully reduce any disappointment if you expected something more miraculous than this.

Once more, these numbers are in no way a guarantee of the results you’ll get. Just a guideline to help you make your choice. If the numbers i quoted here change, i will update this document.


How much should my ad budget be?

It can be as high or as low as you like. There is no reason anyone can’t do PPC. You can start with a $50 a month budget if that’s all youhave to spare.

I recommend you start by thinking of a number of dollars you’re willing to spend to figure out the right offer for your business. Assume you will NOT recover that money in order to force yourself to choose a conservative number. And assume you will spend that amount every month, so it has to be something you can afford monthly.

Whatever number you choose here will be the realistic budget you should setup. Because you need to stay in the game to be able to test and tweak and i rather you stay on the pulse of your traffic for a whole year at only $50 a month–than to see you spend $10,000 in 2 days and then never do PPC again.


Will you maintain or support my accounts for me with either option?

No, sorry. This service would be far more expensive, and i will take some kind of per-lead fee as well as a setup fee of some kind.

However, if you’d like to hire me as your account manager, please email me directly instead. Keep in mind, that this is probably an option suited for a business that has been making consistent profit for a little while.

For all clients who buy the complete PPC campaign, I will give you some instructions as to how to move forward after the account is setup in addition to what are turning into about 2-hour long initial consultation calls.


Will you be creating my account in Google or Bing/Yahoo?

In most cases, I’ll be building in Bing. The reason is that Bing has turned out to be a very valuable testing ground for me and my clients.

Plus, it is the second most used search engine in the world, it is more leniant toward affiliate marketers and MLMers, and it gives you access also to the ENTIRE Yahoo! network too.

Traffic there is cheaper than Google’s but similar. And since their rules are a little loose, we can do some cool stuff we can’t do easily in Google. I will instruct you to move any campaigns that work well on Yahoo into Google when you have tested your funnel and you’re ready to amp up the traffic.

If your needs require Google, I will give you a CSV file and show you how to import that into your Google account.


Can we talk about what i want to advertise before i order?

No. Sorry, these back and forth emails take too much time. And i find myself being asked for assurance that people should go ahead and order. I’m not a salesman. I just do traffic, ok?

I don’t know if you need my help. The service is here if you need it.

And if you’re needing my assurance, then, yes, you should probably get a strategy call with me ($997 above) 🙂

Here is the politically correct version of what i just said for those who require political correctness. I prefer to be focused 100% on people who need help and this is not possible in an email or facebook message. A telephone conversation allows me to properly understand what you’ve got to sell, ask all the right questions to be able to then advise you on how you should sell.

How’s that? i do politically correct pretty good 🙂

If you’re uncertain about your needs, both options i offer above give you a consultation call with me. I’ll make sure it’s worth every cent.


Buddy discounts?

Sure, why not lol. But question is, are you a buddy?

I’ll give a 50% off discount if we’ve personally met at least once and spoken on the phone SOCIALLY at least once. Contact me for a special link.

One more thing – if i grant you a buddy discount, please understand that you will have lower priority than customers. Customers who pay full price will have priority for early delivery of their work.

Your friend in advertising,

Traffic Consulting Options
Option 1: Done For You PPC Traffic $19,970 Option 2: PPC Account Critique $997

Choose one of the above options, when you finish payment you will be taken to a survey form to complete your application.

Jim Yaghi


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