About The Counting Prayer Rug


The Counting Prayer Rug for Muslims is an Android Phone and Tablet app developed by Jim Yaghi for those who tend to forget while in deep concentration in prayer.

If you spend a long time doing tasbeeh and sojood or you pray tahajjud often, you’ve probably faced the problem of losing track of the rak”a you’re on or you forget if you’re on the first or second sajda of the rak”a.

The Counting Prayer Rug is a cool application with a counting Prayer Pad to remind you when you forget.

With its non-obtrusive and plain interface, it keeps track of which rak”a and sajda you’re up to, and it gives you a reminder of whether you need to do another sajda, stand, or sit for taheyat.

How to Use The Counting Prayer Rug

To use the application, install the Counting Prayer Rug from the Google Play store and launch it.


Choose the prayer you’re going to perform from the top left (Fajr, Thuhur, Asr, Maghreb, Isha, or Sunnah), and place your android device at the head of your prayer rug where your forehead and/or nose can make contact with any part of the Praying Pad.

Begin praying normally.

When you make the first sajda, the praying pad will count it and remind you to do a second sajda. You do not need to look at the screen, but if you forget, just glance to see what your next step or current rak”a is.



The Counting Prayer Rug requires an actual sajda to count. It will not work with a regular finger touch so that it doesn’t mis-count. But if for whatever reason, a sajda accidentally counts more than once, tap the small +/- buttons in the bottom left of your screen to correct the count.

The Counting Prayer Rug Charity Project

The Counting Prayer Rug is freeware and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

Jim Yaghi, the application developer wrote the application with the intention of sadaqa. If you like the application and make use of it, all he asks is:

Pray for him and remember him in your prayer.

Jim is a Muslim online marketer and programmer. While praying because of deep concentration, he often found he would lose track of the rak”a he was performing. He developed the Counting Prayer Rug as a solution for his own need.

“But why stop there?” He thought to himself.

“What if I shared the application with the Muslims of the world. Surely there are others of strong faith who face the same problem.”

“And why not, give it for free and accept donations on behalf of the generous and charitable Muslims who will inevitably use this application.”

Jim decided that any donations collected would be put toward good works in the name of God.

There are many charitable projects that need your help. So if you have some Zaka or Sadaqa money you’d like to put toward something good, we accept donations of any amount here.

100% of contributions are given to charity. Read more about our charities here.


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