A simple 6-step Plan to Sell Anything Online (copyright Yaghi 2013 until forever lolz)

Do you find there’s too many “moving parts” required to sell
products online?
You’re not alone.
Look, I’ve got people on this mailing list who’ve been marketing
online BEFORE I even got started.
Today, many of those people are exactly where they were 7
years ago.
Still buying training products on everything under the sun.
Still jumping from one program to the next. No further ahead. Still asking the
same questions.
So Why?
When most people get started online, they do because
someone convinced them the whole thing is a walk in the park. No website. No
technology. No products.
“Just follow our PROVEN system and make money.”
But it’s not that simple, is it?
As soon as they start, they begin to discover an increasing
list of things they HAVE to do. Amongst them the very things they were told
they didn’t need.
Rather than accept those facts, these people dodge
everything that goes against the original message that brought them in.
Dude. Let it go.
You’ve been lied to.
I make a point to not bullshyt anyone.
When getting started selling anything online, there’s things
you NEED …and things that are optional.
Here’s what’s NOT optional:
#1. Your OWN website (surprise!)
#2. A product to sell
#3. A way to collect money
#4. A way to collect leads
#5. Follow-up
#6. Traffic
It’s a short list.
If anyone tells you that you need
anything else (or don’t need something from this list), then they’re full -o- crap.
Let’s explore:
#1 – A website is a destination where people can arrive when
they discover you. Without a website, you don’t exist online. Get one now.
Web hosts make this so easy and cheap you can get a website
up with a single free phone call to the sales team!
They’ll even help you set it up if you ask.
#2 – A product is nothing more than a “packaged” set of solutions
to problems people need solved. Without a solution, why would anyone give you
You don’t need to create a product if you don’t want to. Clickbank
and Amazon are a few examples of places you can go to find all kinds of
products whose owners are willing to share their revenue with you if you help
them find customers.
Pick just one.
#3 – A way to collect money doesn’t mean you need to process
credit cards yourself. Sometimes it’s as simple as getting people to call YOU
to complete the order. But if you need a simple way to take payments, use
Paypal. Everyone does.
#4 – A way to collect leads….well this is optional especially
if you know how to sell on contact. But most people don’t.
So you need a way to store and communicate with past
visitors of your site who showed interest in your products. I recommend Aweber.
Call their support free and ask them to help you setup lead collection at your
I’ve even included 6 ready-made “subscribe” pages you can use
for free in Traffic KickStart. More about that bonus here:
#5 – Selling or Followup. This is the most important step of
all and the one most people try to avoid. Once you’ve done the previous 4 steps,
don’t sit around twiddling your thumbs. You have to try to sell to someone new
every day.
That’s called follow-up…and it doesn’t have to be scary or
hard. It’s just gotta be consistent (and that’s why most people look for an
easier alternative the moment I mention it).
But if you do NOTHING at all on a given day, as long as you write
a daily follow-up email to your past visitors, your day is a success. Even
without a single sale.
First, it establishes your credibility in knowing solutions
to your prospect’s problems.
Second, it helps people make a buying decision quicker.
And third, it gives you content to fill your website and get
more customers.
This step is actually so important that I created a 2-hour
tutorial on how it’s done right.
And it’s included as a free bonus with Traffic KickStart.
You can read more about it here:
One of our members writes this in response to the follow-up tutorial:
“This bonus video
itself is worth the price of the entire course! Thanks Jim.” – Osman Safdar
And finally, #6 – Traffic/advertising. You need a way to expose
your website to the world and make it easy to discover.
For that, there’s Traffic KickStart. The easiest, fastest
way to be discovered and sell your product.
You learn that in 90 minutes here:

 [interested_link form=”subscribe_form” document=”18045″]Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …[/interested_link]

Stop pissing around with social media and “free traffic
tactics” that waste your time. You need most of your energy doing follow-up
(step #5)
The most common mistake is people who jump the gun and try
to advertise without steps 1-5…or if they do those steps, they try to avoid the
follow-up step.
For those people, perhaps 7 more years of pain and loss online
will convince them.
Don’t be one of those poor saps who’ve been on my list for 7
years, still looking for the same thing.
Jump right to the finish-line by executing the plan I laid
out for you above -it’s all included in KickStart. You will be praying for my good health and well-being for years to come.
See you inside KickStart!

Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi

Foremost Home Business traffic expert, Jim Yaghi is a Computer Scientist and Mathematician who used to build search engines for a living. At 16 he created a mildly popular social network and has been an online entrepreneur for over 15 years. In 2006 he rose to the #1 Affiliate rank in many Home Business programs (most notably Magnetic Sponsoring). Today he's best known for hatching the first industry-wide viral campaign to reach all major social networks, for hosting a top-10 Internet radio show for entrepreneurs, and for shattering industry sales records with his best-selling, easy-to-follow online marketing courses PPC Domination, PPC Supremacy, and Traffic KickStart.

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