30% Sales Conversion From Small Mailing List

It’s laughable. Of all the awful reasons to not email, Online Marketing Leaders have the worst.
A friend of mine recently started a promotion for a high-end information product. Guess how many emails she sent out?
Exactly 3.
Worse, her emails were about a week apart. At this rate, the odds of having any email OPENED,  clicked, and bought from are slim. Indeed, she made only a few sales to an otherwise large and responsive list.
Give me a few moments of your time to explain.

Sales is a Numbers Game

Surely you’ve heard it is rare for a first contact to result in sales.
While working for a client as an advertising consultant years ago, we found that 0.5% of subscribers purchased on first contact. Of those hasty buyers, 80% asked for a refund shortly after.
In effect, we had to reach 1,000 subscribers to get 1 sale.
Consider, on the other hand, that subscribers who bought after the 4th email contact converted at a whopping 6% – that’s a 1,200% increase in sales. Best part is,, few if any refunded their purchase.
Which means, for every 1,000 subscribers contacted, 60 purchased. A giant leap, isn’t it?

Boosting The Odds In Your Favour

Email is a powerful form of follow-up.

Not long ago, I had a subscriber express interest in buying a product that was being offered at a serious discount. It was the last day for the sale price and the next day the cost was scheduled to go up.
Still, he did not purchase.
Allow me to demonstrate how email follow-up made this subscriber a buyer, much later.
Suppose you only have a small mailing list. There are two ways to boost the odds of making sales in your favour:

  • Get more subscribers
  • or, Follow-up with more contact

Ideally, a good marketer would be working both fronts. But typically, increasing subscribers costs advertising. Which leaves follow-up.
Presumably, if you use email to follow-up, every message is about a different topic. Which means the subject line changes from email to email. Agreed?
When a prospective customer sees the first email’s subject, it is likely that it does not play to their curiosity enough to be opened. And even if it is opened, its content may not evoke all the emotional responses necessary for them to hit the order button and buy.
More likely, however, is that the emotional buttons are pushed appropriately in some contact, but still, the prospect lacks urgency.
Many-a-subscriber has purchased weeks after an email strikes a chord with them. Usually, the reasons in the message remain on their mind while they go about dealing with life’s challenges.
At some point, the accumulation of their own thoughts get jumbled with reasons YOU gave them to buy. They begin to believe they came to the decision to buy, independent of your influence.
However, all the while, your messages would have been influencing their every thought.
As for my subscriber, like I said, he did not purchase. Weeks later, after the sale had ended, however, he bought.
Not because of a specific follow-up message. After all, for the entire period after our promotion ended, he was receiving daily follow-up broadcasts from us.
So why did he not buy?
He, like many of your subscribers, was procrastinating. Only after he ran into me on Facebok did he actually order — at the un-discounted price, I might add.
All you need to sell a procrastinating buyer, is to follow-up and be patient.

Four, The Magic Number

Even with your best attempt at follow-up, there will always remain a group of subscribers who do not open. Which means they do not consume your message so they cannot buy.
Don’t be offended. This is only natural.
The first message is opened by only a subset of your subscribers. A second subset, possibly with some overlap, open a second follow-up attempt. And similarly, a third subset will open a 3rd follow-up.
What I found through rigorous testing, is that any list of subscribers can be divided into five waves. Four of those waves opens a different set of emails.
Of course, you can never tell exactly which subscribers will end up in which wave.

What we know for sure is that if you follow-up at least 4 times, a few days apart, 95% of your active subscribers will open at least one follow-up message.

So for every FOUR emails sent, you will reach most subscribers ONE time. The 5th wave never open messages. Let’s forget them for now.
If you need 7 messages to sale your product, then you must send out 28 different emails.
Indeed, Email Expert Ben Settle, who I’ve worked with extensively estimates 28-day to make a sale to a cold lead.
Do you have 28 messages in your autoresponder sequence?
I hope so!

Who’s Unsubscribing Anyway?

The more frequently you email, the smaller your mailing list gets.
I have two mentors in my life – my father and my uncle, both PhD’s in their respective fields and both have nothing to do with Online Marketing or business.
My father, disagrees with the idea of frequent email follow-up. He is not a marketer. In his opinion, if someone mails him often, they are annoying. This is unfortunate.
However, with all due respect to him, he is not a proper candidate for my emails.
Many Online Marketing Leaders are superficial about their mailing lists. They like being able to claim they have over a million subscribers – but their sales promotions do horribly considering the numbers they have access to.

People who unsubscribe come from the 5th Wave – approximately 5% of any list’s subscribers. They will NEVER buy. Not because something is wrong with them -but because they don’t open, consume, or like your sales messages. 

The cost of keeping non-buying subscribers on your list is unnecessary. Most autoresponders charge higher rates for large lists that are frequently emailed.
It is better that such non-buyers unsubscribe of their own accord and leave the valuable marketing space for someone more appropriate.
The best of the Online Marketing leaders – and I’ve advertised for most in this industry – consider a 10% sale rate for a product priced under $200 a good rate. They have large lists, but fear emailing them.
Yet, I’ve trumped their best sales efforts with as much as 30% closing rate.
You could do the same. Armed with a list of only 5,000 subscribers, a $500 product, and a 28-day follow-up campaign, you can earn nearly $1 Million dollars in sales easily.
Both my father and uncle remain subscribers of my promotion lists. In fact, a number of my relatives and close friends are subscribed too. They do not unsubscribe, no matter how frequently I email them.
Of course, like many of my “real” prospects, they do not open every message. But they like hearing from me, and they remain connected to keep up with what I’m doing.
To my amazement, the names of friends and relatives have started to come up in our sales reports! This is a testament to the power of follow-up – it will squeeze every customer possible from your list.
Contrast your friendly subscribers to those who unsubscribe. They are mere space fillers and do not contribute to sales anyway. Let them disqualify themselves by emailing as often as you need!

Reducing Un-Subscribe Rate

Everyone has at least one “friend’ in their life who only calls when they need something. You probably answer grudgingly when you see their name on the phone’s caller ID.
Similarly, Online Marketing Leaders who do not email are usually too lazy to send follow-up messages outside of sales. It requires a genuinely generous, thoughtful person to take the time and effort to stay in touch with their customers when they do not need an influx of sales activity.
If you email, only when you have a promotion or something to launch, you become the annoying friend who calls only when you need something.
Your unsubscribe rate is exponentially higher when you make contact while in need of sales.
I have not always been a believer of frequent follow-up. My reasons were different – like my father, I believed making contact too frequently might be annoying. Over time, this viewpoint has changed. I found that when you email often outside of launches, subscribers respect you and stay subscribed even when you sell.
Just like with a good friend, subscribers are always willing to do something for you if you stay in touch.
And just like with an opportunistic friend, subscribers will be grudging about doing anything to help out.
For more information about using other follow-up mediums to increase sales in your business, check out the YaghiLabs Internet Business Academy.
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Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi

Foremost Home Business traffic expert, Jim Yaghi is a Computer Scientist and Mathematician who used to build search engines for a living. At 16 he created a mildly popular social network and has been an online entrepreneur for over 15 years. In 2006 he rose to the #1 Affiliate rank in many Home Business programs (most notably Magnetic Sponsoring). Today he's best known for hatching the first industry-wide viral campaign to reach all major social networks, for hosting a top-10 Internet radio show for entrepreneurs, and for shattering industry sales records with his best-selling, easy-to-follow online marketing courses PPC Domination, PPC Supremacy, and Traffic KickStart.

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