3 Reasons Affiliates Fail

If you think affiliate marketing is a game won with free traffic, you've been misinformed, cheated, and lied to. Free traffic doesn't meet the three criteria for a perfect traffic source. It's hard, unprofitable, and overall a terrible idea for beginners.

Let's explore...

1. It takes months and hard work to start

Free Traffic: Everyone wants free traffic. But only the hardest working, most experienced, and deepest pockets get it. Because free traffic needs a constant flow of new, quality content, over a long time (months or years!) So what you don't pay in money, you pay in time and hard work.

Paid Traffic: It can be surprisingly cheap (cents!) and fewer people compete with you. Paid traffic is easy! Just buy it. No need to create content. And it's fast. You can have buyer eyes on your offer in minutes.

2. You can't control who sees your link

Free Traffic: It's hard to control the quality. You have to experiment and figure out the kind of content that attracts buyers. But when people are ready to buy, they don't read free articles and watch free videos--they click ads.

Paid Traffic: You start by deciding who can see your offer. Then you create ads (not content). You have fine-grained control over visitor demographics, interests, search keywords, intent, location, etc.

And because traffic flows immediately, you can quickly figure out if your targeting needs adjustment and change it effortlessly.

3. It's hard to scale

Free Traffic: Imagine you've spent MONTHS and all your spare time making videos, blog posts, and articles to get free traffic. Finally, you get a $20 commission. How do you scale to $100?

You make 5 times as much content. But you have no spare time left. Since the investment is time, creating more time to invest is hard.

Paid Traffic: Imagine you turned $5 of ad spend into a $20 commission. How do you scale? Easy. You now know each $1 you spend turns into $4. So you reinvest your profit and turn $20 into $80, and $80 into $320, and $320 into $1,280. Scaling is simple because the investment is money, and the output is MORE money.

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