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Nagging wife


Here’s a Landing Page idea i haven’t heard anyone talk about. But almost every internet marketer worth his salt uses religiously.
Before i get into that, let me set the stage briefly.
I can’t tell you how many unfinished product ideas i have lying around my computer…
…or entire notebooks full of what appears to be the ramblings of a mad man…
diagrams, formulas, calculations…
At last count, i have 12 amazing bits of software which i invested months of painstaking labour building…but never finished.
Nothing is as depressing as admiring the genius of work you once did, but never had the discipline to turn into a sellable thing.
So much wasted time. So much wasted potential.
I get it.
I get that in business, time is of the essence.
You want to keep a project’s scope just wide enough to be interesting to customers but small enough for you to finish while you still have momentum and interest in it.
Besides that, for most of you, your online marketing needs to make money like YESTERDAY.
The bill collectors are breathing down your neck, the boss is in your face and you wanna punch the ugly prick, and the wife’s miserable with your unfulfilled (expensive) dreams going nowhere.
Worse is you feel like everyone’s laughing at you behind your back (maybe you heard their snickering too)
…You just can’t wait to stick it to them!
But, bud, a landing page that’s going to work at getting leads and sales needs careful planning.
It’s the mouth of your whole sales funnel. And it sets the type of prospect you get–whether they’ll buy easily or not.
You’re going to need confidence to spend money advertising that thing…
,,,Confidence you won’t have in something you threw together in the time it takes to brush your teeth.
There are others among you who actually spend a fair amount of time building a landing page…but only because you don’t know how.
This ad-hoc, RUSH MARKETING is not a business strategy and is unlikely to ever turn into a regular, reliable source of income for you.
Surely not something you can “stick it” to anyone with.
I have watched many successful marketers work. So i’m not just relating my own experience here…
We spend entirely too much time planning, designing, editing, and tweaking our landing pages, product launches, and emails. OBSESSIVELY!
Why shouldn’t you?
I know you sit on the mailing lists of your heroes and role models…observing…
Exposed to their marketing day in and day out.
They sell you their stuff, they put you through their processes.
But you keep playing it small because while you imitate, swipe, and copy…thinking you’re taking a shortcut…
Truth is, you’re only doing what they TELL you instead of trying to understand why they do what they do. They want to sell to you, of course, what they tell you is only the “HOW”.
But every element you see in a marketing piece is placed for a good reason (sometimes the reason is as simple as they couldn’t get their software to do what they needed and had no choice but to make the best of a crappy situation).
The experience you have, the feelings you feel, that’s the result of a deliberate decision…
From text alignment, to font choice, to colours…
There is not one extra word or thing you see in any marketing content that isn’t serving a deliberate purpose known to the creator.
What successful marketers do is they seek patterns.
They make hypothesis and build philosophies and educated guesses. They test these ideas and modify and adapt them.
In every iteration, they learn something from the previous one and adapt.
And you should be doing that too. Not blindly copying and throwing things together and saying “hey this is good enough”.
Anyway, that’s my big idea for today.
I built the DIY Super Traffic Machine Kit to help you understand not just the HOW but also the WHY.
The first chapter of every module details the thought and philosophy behind what we’re about to do in the following chapters. (although i try to keep introductions brief, our record introduction length is 76 pages!)
There’s 8 big topics we cover:
1. Plan
2. Website
3. Offer
4. Product Selection
5. Leads
6. Customers
7. Follow-up
8. Traffic
Every month we set up one of these critical pieces of your super affiliate traffic funnel together, with step by step instructions and screenshots that you easily follow.
There’s even a foolproof method to get your spouse in your corner instead of being the buzz kill they may be today.
Execution time for each module is 3-7 days but you have a whole month in between to make it perfect (and i suggest you use it!)
In the last step you turn on your machine, fully confident your funnel will CRUSH IT!
Go ahead then and stick it to your boss and your neggy friends.
In the meantime, quit the pointless RUSH MARKETING and read more here…

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