Why copywriters make bad christians,muslims, and jews

Is email
marketing all shyt?
Do you
think that?
A friend of
mine recently admitted to me that he thinks email marketing is a bunch of crap.
Not an actual “thing”.
Perhaps I shouldn’t
be so surprised.
After all,
he is a copywriter.
have one of my least favourite professions.
Don’t get
me wrong–many of my friends are copywriters and I respect them and love them
dearly. But the whole concept of a specific combination of magical words that
if placed next to each other can make or break a sale…??
Yah, I don’t
believe it.
Do you?
can create powerful mental images and a person who can communicate better than
another will have an easier time selling things.
But i guess
what I don’t agree with is how these guys obsessively pour over some headline,
trying to insert as many adjectives as possible, and make it drip in tactic…it’s
They act like if that headline isn’t filled with italics, capital letters, bold,
and underlines, on every other word…it’s
gonna bomb.
What a
bunch of fugking idiots.
Oh snap. I really
DO hate copywriters. Who knew!
But I digress.
My friend
proceeded to tell me how he thinks email is not a valuable medium. He thinks email is like the toilet paper of reading. There’s no point trying to
sell in it. And the only thing a marketer should use email for is to drive
people off their email to a blog post or something.
He might
have a point.
But I find that
email marketing is very much like prayer.
And like
prayer, it works for some and doesn’t for others.
Some people, when they need something will pray…even if they aren’t particularly religious…but
they’ll pray REALLY hard and say,
“Please God, please give me this thing”.
they’ll actually get it.
But most times, even if they are extremely genuine in
their prayer, they won’t get it.
My copywriter friend is like that.
He believes
a sale should happen in a single transaction. The sales letter he writes has to
be SUPER slick, super refined, amazing incredible stuff…because he needs to
make the sale cold.
And, by the
by, you’ll notice too that most sales letters open like this:
friend. Hello, my name is so-and-so, I have something to sell, buy it from me.”
I mean, look
a typical sales letter.
You’ll see they
all begin by promising something juicy and exciting…then the very next thing
they do is start introducing themselves.
well, they assume the reader doesn’t know who they are.
And every
single sales presentation they write, they will re-introduce themselves.
On the
other hand, people who do email marketing are like a devout Christian…or Muslim…or
people pray regularly.
Even when they need nothing.
And not every
prayer is a perfect one…sometimes it’s hurried and rushed with very little
But when
they NEED something and ask for it, there’s no guilt or ugly feeling of
hypocrisy. And often they get what they ask for.
marketing is like that…
You’re in
touch with your market regularly.
And not
every single dang email is a piece of copywriting art. Sometimes it’s just an
email to relate some news about your business.
In fact
most of your emails can be pretty shyt and it won’t matter.
But when
you want to sell or launch a product, it’s easy.
You don’t
need special tricks.
You don’t
need to obsess about your headline.
You don’t
have to establish credibility or authority or pump out testimonials.
Heck you
don’t even need a sales letter.
(aside: One
of my best selling product launches sold the product ENTIRELY with a single
email called “Urgent Tuesday News”…sold ~3,000 copies in just days.)
You just say
hey we’ve got a new product, it might help you. Here’s where you can buy it.
And people
So you
might agree with my friend and think Email Marketing ain’t a thing…
But if you
can’t write slick copy and you can’t sell a thing to save your life…you’re
going to waste a LOT of money driving traffic that won’t convert.
Even experts
who obsess over this stuff, in the best case, will sell to 5 people out of every
On the
other hand…
if you do email marketing, it’s NORMAL to see 300 buyers out of every
That’s way more profitable!
I don’t
have an email marketing course for you.
And you don’t
even need one if you have Traffic KickStart.
Because what I’ve done in there is
I’ve shared a nice, super simple formula for writing short 400 – 450 word
emails that sell products to cold traffic…
Usually within
the first 3 emails.
But I want
you to remember something….
marketing is like prayer. It only works if you are regular about it and keep
that relationship open.
So if you
want to learn this simple email sales strategy…you’ll find it included as a very cool
extra in my Traffic KickStart course here:

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