AWESOME: How a 15 y/o with no money, Started and sold a HIGH traffic Web Business

It’s sad…
Man is a selfish being.
So wrapped up in his own wants–he stupidly doesn’t see that everyone
else has selfish wants too.
I guess that’s why the most requested thing online is “free
Getting value without giving value…it’s attractive to everyone
from website owners, to amateur musicians, to bloggers, to authors, to social-media
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…Everyone is selfish. Everyone wants something for nothing.
Think about it…how do you feel when those arseholes come
to your website or Facebook wall and post their links promoting their site on there?
Do you WANT to send them your traffic?
When you spend time, effort, and money to get traffic to
your website, the LAST thing you want is to give that traffic free to anyone.
So why should anyone give you theirs?
But some people get TRAFFIC, LEADS, and CUSTOMERS easily and
other websites give to them willingly…
…While others struggle endlessly.
What’s the difference?
To illustrate, I have to take you back to 1996…
…when a 15 year old boy playing around on a social network,
found a way to make several adults serve his interests and help him start and
run a profitable web business WITHOUT SPENDING A SINGLE CENT. A business he
later sold to an Arab Prince for a lot of money!
The story begins in a University lab in Oman.
And the boy
was ME!
I was home-schooled. And my parents, who were professors at that
university, took me with them, left me in a computer lab, so i would study under their supervision.
It was around that time, I discovered a popular social
network called “Alamak”.
They didn’t call themselves a “Social Network” then of
course, because you could do only one thing on a 1996 Social Networks:
And you went there, not to socialize with your real-world friends, but
to meet and socialize with new internet people.
Unlike most of the nerds who hung out in chat rooms, I was
The concept of a virtual room where people from all around
the world could communicate as if in the same physical space…well, that
fascinated me.
See, I was a special kid…
Was programming computers by the age of 9 and could take a
look at any computer program, website, or mechanical thing–play with it a
little and intuitively understand how it worked at a deeper level.
So I played for a little while with the other nerds and girls. Got a
feel for the environment before i started trying to use it to my advantage.
Like in the real world, the web chat had its popular crowd and UNpopular
crowd; to be popular meant everyone wanted to chat to you, and to be unpopular
meant you were always ignored.
There were 9 possible levels a user could have, broken into 3 main groups:
* GUEST: A basic free chat account that didn’t have any
special privileges. A guest user could not even use coloured text without it being “given” to them by an Operator.
* OPERATOR: A person who paid a monthly fee of about $USD 30 and
got a reserved nickname in addition to several features, including the ability
to give colour abilities to one guest, moderate a chat room, kick, and ban people. And each year they renewed their account, they’d increase their Operator Level.
* SUPER OPERATOR: A special type of paid operator account who
had worked their way up the ranks to the highest levels and could moderate and
administer the chat room.
There was also another kind of user who didn’t have a level…they were the “scum”.
The worst and least popular person in a chat room was called “Abuser”.
An Abuser was chaotic, swore publicly, flooded the chat-feed
with repetitive messages and ruined the experience for everyone.
If an operator
was around, users would send a private message and ask they ban that person.
Bans would last a few hours. And the hero of the day was the
Operator who kicked out a very annoying abuser.
Well, I was a kid. A part of me wanted to be popular, as
nerdy as that was…
I knew there was no way I’d be able to convince my parents
to pay for an operator account. They thought the whole thing was a waste of
time. (Remember they kept me at the office to make sure I was studying!)
So secretly, I started studying
the website, in the hopes of figuring out if I could make my own chat one day.
That was my ultimate dream. Web Chat fascinated me!
Meanwhile, I made friends with Super Operators and Abusers.
Extreme opposites. Absolute enemies. Some of them were many years my senior,
but it mattered not.
Pretty soon, I found a BIG HOLE in the chat software.
I knew that an abuser could exploit it and NEVER get banned.
To me, it was an opportunity…I didn’t know exactly how i could use it to my advantage, but I knew two things…
i loved computers…and i wanted to have a successful business one day.
Don’t judge me to harshly, because i was still a child…and yes, what i did next was probably cruel…
I decided to form the “Chaos
Gang”–a chat gang of abusers from hell who didn’t stop till either they got bored or
the chat room was emptied out.
I taught them my method and swore them to
secrecy. And we agreed to always abuse TOGETHER to get maximum impact.
Here’s what’s funny…
The main Super Operator in the chat room, I’d made friends
with her earlier. She was also a close friend of John, the owner and creator of
the web chat.
After a few fun weeks with my gang abusing her chat room, the
Super Operator begged me to stop.
And I did.
But not before I asked for a meeting with John. I offered to help him patch up the vulnerabilities. In my naiivety i thought he’d give me an opportunity to work with him.
She agreed.
But John never met with me–
Instead, he asked her to take a message. And i guess she convinced him to do this, because a
few days later, they decided to give me and my gang FREE Operator accounts!
I won
my gang’s loyalty for life. It’s 17 years later, and some of them are still online-friends
of mine!
John knew my coding skills made me a dangerous enemy. But he
didn’t give me the opportunity I was hoping for.
Instead, he thought he’d give me the most senior Super
Operator status hoping I would turn on my gang. I didn’t…
I used it to find a different opportunity by studying his website.
But this is important…
I gave people what they wanted and I got what I wanted–to some
A free account that most people had paid several thousands of dollars in renewals fees on, by the time they moved through the ranks to Super Op!
Angry at failing to win a place in John’s business, I decided
to create a competing website.
My exploration of John’s site gave me huge insight into how
a webchat’s programming works.
Everything from session ids, refreshing the chat-feed,
tracking a user’s ip and effectively banning it…and even various aspects of the chat business model.
I spoke with the owner of another chat website, a much less popular one…He was a retired
Police Officer from Oklahoma i’d made friends with.
I asked him what computer language i need to learn to build my
own chat. He was kind enough to help.
Even gave me a few quick lessons to get me started, and I used what I learned
to write a basic web chat.
Later that same guy, who was seriously impressed with me, offered me a job as a developer for
his website and I was barely 16!
My interests had changed though. I wanted to run a web chat business of my own.
With a complete script, but no website to run my chat on–and no credit-card to
get hosting either…i was stuck again.
Web hosting back in those days, I remember, cost something
like $300/month! Domain registration was around $72/year. Not easy for a 15-16 y/o to cough up.
So i tried something else.
Earlier, I made friends with Hesham, a wealthy Yemeni student
who studied in New York. I met him on the same web chat I hacked.
When I demonstrated to him my chat script he was excited.
I offered
that we partner up together on a web business, I’d do programming and he
supplies the funding.
He agreed and we started.
A month later, the website was launched in beta.
Meanwhile, Hesham and I were secretly telling our friends at
John’s site about this new chat we were building. They formed our initial base
of test-users and most loyal fans.
One kid from Australia actually told his
sisters, brother, and all his cousins about our site and they all became regulars. When I went to Sydney for my PhD, we became very close
family friends…until this day!
My test-users hung out all day at mine and Hesham’s site.
They enjoyed
when we launched new features. We asked their feedback and I programmed in anything they requested.
A chat FOR the people, by the people 🙂
Soon, we had members begging us to let them pay for Operator
And since I had no way to collect payments…I asked a few
people from within the community we created to help out in collecting payments
on our behalf.
We assigned trusted members in a few states of the USA, Canada, United
Kingdom, Australia, United Arab Emirates, and Malaysia–where most of our chatters came from.
We listed the “local office” addresses of those members at our
website. When someone was interested in paying for an Operator account, they could either go to
the address in person and pay…or mail in a check, money-order, or cash to the closest office.
Those offices sent me all payments–in exchange for free Operator accounts.
Later, I found a credit-card processor who worked without a
merchant account. (Remember there was no Paypal in those days).
I did all the programming for the billing and began advertising our chat website. At first with just SEO and later with paid banner ads.
As a result, the community grew and grew.
Soon I was offering free webpage hosting services, picture sharing, free email, and instant messenger desktop interfaces into the web chat–all before Instagram,
Picasa, and Microsoft Instant Messenger existed.
We even sold merchandise at our site!
Finally, my father, who by that point found out about my
business, asked me to wind it down so I could focus on school.
So I found a buyer, one of our chat members who was a member
of the Royal Family, studying in the UK…
And i asked a hefty sum for the chat script. I even offered an ongoing
maintenance deal where I would continue to do programming for them for a
monthly fee.
Pretty crazy story right?
What were you doing at 15?
This is the kind of education they need to give kids in
See this was a great lesson in life:
Find out what people want, find a way to tie what they want
with what you want, and a deal is inevitable.
My secret to building a business, making sales, and getting
free traffic has always been to understand what others want and finding a way
to benefit from giving it to them.
Creating win-win situations!
No website wants to SEND you their traffic, least of all for
But if you understand what those sites want, and give it to
them, they will willingly give you traffic, for free, and as much as you want.
The only question is, how do you find out what they want?
You attend on Sunday and learn from me.
I’ve been studying web business
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Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi

Foremost Home Business traffic expert, Jim Yaghi is a Computer Scientist and Mathematician who used to build search engines for a living. At 16 he created a mildly popular social network and has been an online entrepreneur for over 15 years. In 2006 he rose to the #1 Affiliate rank in many Home Business programs (most notably Magnetic Sponsoring). Today he's best known for hatching the first industry-wide viral campaign to reach all major social networks, for hosting a top-10 Internet radio show for entrepreneurs, and for shattering industry sales records with his best-selling, easy-to-follow online marketing courses PPC Domination, PPC Supremacy, and Traffic KickStart.


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