Affiliate Conspiracy#3: Why Marketing Systems Train You

If you’re thinking your affiliate system is different…
Think again.
if you’re saying….”My system’s owners really care about their affiliates – they’re always giving us lots of free traffic training webinars and partnering with experts to bring us products that help us succeed in marketing their system.”
LOL. I laugh at your naiveness.
Ever wonder why they bother to keep training you when you NEVER bring any serious traffic in the first place?
I know why.
Because SOMEONE has to be a customer!
And I’m not talking about the customers that you’ll NOT get to join the program…I’m talking about YOU.
Yes, you, the customer.
I mean…
Think about where any marketing system’s money comes from.
What is the transaction that earns THEM money?
…When existing members like you buy the training products offered by the system…
…When members (like you) pay a monthly membership…
That’s when the system makes money.
And here’s something sour for your brain to chew on…
if system owners knew how to use their own training to create profitable traffic for their products, they’d not bother with affiliates.
Hey, if it were me…
I wouldn’t want to pay out commissions for a JOB i could either do well or HIRE out for a fixed price… and i wouldn’t want a bunch of amateurs FUGKING up my good rep with Google.
When a system owner decides to start a “Marketing System” it’s a reflection of their MISTRUST of their skill at advertising and selling. Since they have no balls in their groins, they want to guarantee they only have to pay for advertising IF it pays off.
Businesses that trust they created a good product have no trouble INVESTING money into advertising up-front and trying to convert that money into more money.
Which is why i never bothered to own a marketing system or an army of affiliates.
I digress though.
My point is that affiliates are mostly glorified, hood-winked CUSTOMERS.
99.9% of affiliates who DON’T bring in much new business are the people who finance the affiliate system with their purchases.
The sheer number that represents 99.9% of a system’s affiliates is the system’s CUSTOMER base.
As long as these guys BELIEVE that buying training programs on traffic will help them eventually earn, they will keep buying. Whether or not they ever earn is irrelevant.
Training gives them hope.
It keeps them around just long enough to buy the entire range of training products offered.
Marketing Systems are not interested in your tiny traffic referrals, they want your money.
Even when combined, the total traffic generated by 99.9% of a system’s affiliates is NOTHING compared to what a single Super Affiliates brings. I’ve seen this personally in my work with major marketing systems.
Paying tiny affiliate commissions to lots of small-timers is the least of a system owner’s concerns. It’s actually an admin nightmare.
The cost of processing fees associated with depositing tiny commissions into thousands of accounts and supporting affiliates is more trouble than it’s worth.
This is why, most Marketing Systems don’t pay you immediately.
They often create minimum payout levels, cookie expiry times (check the fine-print in their legal pages), and compensation plan loopholes that help them avoid paying out tiny commissions to the non-essential earners.
So who gets the commissions when you don’t break the minimum payout threshold?
The system owners.
At least they borrow against it until (and IF) they have to pay it.
When you and the rest of the 99.9% eventually drop off, others replace you. The commissions you earn and never collect are passed up. The system owners keep them.
Hey let’s not forget that most new affiliates do most of their buying in the first few months of membership…whereas, old affiliates who stick around beyond that point, they may eventually qualify for the minimum payout and get paid.
It’s better for the System Owners if the old affiliate drops off and never collects on the loan.
Helping you collect tiny commissions and drive your trickles of traffic is just not a priority for your system owner–You’re a customer. Deal with it.
They train you to keep you buying.
On the other hand…
The Super Affiliate is a Strategic Business Partner because he is the SUPPLIER of TRAFFIC to a type of business that doesn’t know how to get it!
Super Affiliates & Top Earners are the exact opposite of you.
They make BAD customers.
Of course, this isn’t important because the ratio of Super Affiliates in a system is only a 0.1% minority.
Not only do they have no NEED for the amateur-hour traffic training offered by Marketing Systems…but they’re often comp’d new products for free from System Owners.
Without Super Affiliates, the system starves for traffic.
Especially if it has to depend on regular affiliates like you whose only source of traffic knowledge is what the System is teaching.
It’s why System Owners go to great lengths to create contests, bonuses, incentives, and special under-cover deals to push Super Affiliates to promote their launches. While they simultaneously market to the rest of their members.
Super Affiliates are disguised as affiliates…but they’re not customers.
They’re almost co-owners – Partners even.
They own a part of the system that the System Owners need.
Which one?
The part of the system that gets traffic of course.
The BROKEN part of the system that the Super Affiliate “fixes”.
Super Affiliates own the part of the system that they PERSONALISE!
Remember i once told you that Marketing Systems are broken BECAUSE of duplication?
Duplicate businesses don’t do well together. They create competition between equals, like Cannibalism.
Personalisation is the ONLY thing that can fix a Marketing System.
And i don’t mean by “branding your personality” which is also amateur-hour all over again. No…You can personalise a system and get great amounts of traffic without anyone even knowing who you are.
Top earners only need a Marketing System to avoid the work of creating and maintaining their own product range.
Sometimes, they use them as a stepping stone to raise funds before they get around to building their own products.
But Personalisation is what they have to do to FIX the broken Marketing System so it works for them.
Because they know that they have to stand out amongst the clones – even if with a small point of difference – that’s what makes the Super Affiliate the OBVIOUS choice for new customers to join.
Regular affiliates’ mistake is that they use Marketing Systems as is.
They buy the system’s training products as customers – when the only purpose the products serve is to keep them buying more.
(It’s a good time to tell you the first step to becoming a Super Affiliate is to stop being a system customer. If they have an affiliate program, don’t trust their training.)
Meanwhile, Super Affiliates are using their personalisation of the system to hoard all the customers to themselves. Taking the piles of money they make and re-investing into more traffic to reach more people.
You want to be that guy.
But WHICH THING could you personalise to stand out and get HUGE Traffic and Sales?
I can teach you.
I’ve written an 8-step process that personalises any Marketing System so it can get traffic consistently, quickly, and flawlessly.
I call it the DIY Super Traffic System – but it’s not ready yet because i’m still working on its User Guide.
Become an Early Bird by submitting your email at the page below:

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And when the program is ready, i’ll share everything with you – but only if you promise to follow my system in the EXACT order i dictate it to you. The order is its most important feature.
I know you’ll love how easy this is.

Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi

Foremost Home Business traffic expert, Jim Yaghi is a Computer Scientist and Mathematician who used to build search engines for a living. At 16 he created a mildly popular social network and has been an online entrepreneur for over 15 years. In 2006 he rose to the #1 Affiliate rank in many Home Business programs (most notably Magnetic Sponsoring). Today he's best known for hatching the first industry-wide viral campaign to reach all major social networks, for hosting a top-10 Internet radio show for entrepreneurs, and for shattering industry sales records with his best-selling, easy-to-follow online marketing courses PPC Domination, PPC Supremacy, and Traffic KickStart.

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