These Peeps Make Me CRAZY!

Today I had to add
legal docs for one of our Done-For-You Traffic clients on his landing page.
Good fella he is – he actually
had his legal stuff all down, localized for the country he’s operating out of
Australia. It’s a testament to the success he has already experienced before he
became an online marketer.
But the same can’t be
said for most of the people I deal with here.
It’s enough to make me
rip my wings off and beat them senseless in their panda’s balls.
GOOGLE for kicking these dimwits off.
Microsoft for suspending their accounts.
Fools the lot of them.
Obsessed with their stupid shortcuts.
FUGK this market
whole. It’s so choca-full of retards.
I say “Get legal docs
on your website.”
So they go hijack them
from their PUBLISHER’s website. Or somewhere else.
Understand this. Those
are NOT your business’ terms. They are the terms of the affiliate program which
you do not own.
So let me explain my
very limited understanding of business law to you.
Every damn website on
this planet needs a “Terms of Use” agreement.
Just like any shop
needs to state their policies for shopping there at the bottom of their
receipts and in signs on their checkout counter. A website must have similar CONTRACTS
that say:
“If you want to use
this website, you have to agree to the following terms. If you don’t like them FUGK
In a nutshell, that’s called
a “Terms of Use” agreement. Visiting and continuing to interact with your
business and website constitutes a “signature” on the contract.
And your rules can be
anything you damn well please.
As long as they’re
ACTUALLY legal. No illegal contract holds – the law supersedes it.
But as long as you’re
not breaking any laws, your website is YOUR property and anyone who wants to visit
“your house” must agree to your house rules.
Next, every website on
this planet that collects any personal information (name, email, phone, survey
answers, address, whatever), any website that tracks behavior of its visitors (think
of this like a in-store camera), and any website that stores cookies on the
visitor’s computer MUST have a PRIVACY POLICY.
Privacy is a given right.
And if you’re going to take liberties with someone’s privacy, they must
understand to what extent your liberties will go…BEFORE they share info about
If a visitor doesn’t
like how you’ll use their data, it’s the prerogative to say NO.
How you plan to use
their info, what you’ll do with it, what rights the visitor waives by giving up
private information…EVERYTHING must be stated clearly in a PRIVACY POLICY.
Oh, and if you’re using
optin forms, it’s not enough to just have a privacy policy SOMEWHERE on the
page. You need to explicitly tell people the most pertinent information about
how their info will be used, RIGHT NEXT to the input box…THEN link to your full
privacy policy.
Finally, every website
must have a Contact Page.
A contact page has business
contact information – where you’re registered, the business postal address for
correspondence, its physical address, the email address, the phone number, and
the fax.
A contact page is a NECESSITY
for any website to say: “We are legitimate and have no fear of you knowing
where we live”…and to say: “We want to be compliant with all legal matters, so
if you have a problem with us, here’s where to reach us.”
These are some of the
BASIC things you MUST have on every website.
And if you’re a REAL
business owner out there in the real world, you know that the world is kept safe
by LAW and the assumption that everyone we deal with tries to follow it.
People who are NOT
criminals do everything to abide by the law.
You want to own a
business, but you’re not willing to do the MOST BASIC thing every business
Where on this PLANET
can you own a business without doing all the proper legal shyt? Nowhere.
Just because you’re
doing some hack-job, no money-earning, home-based ghetto business doesn’t make
you immune to the law. You’re playing with fire.
Get your proper legal contracts
up. DO IT. Today.
Don’t do it for Google
or Microsoft so they “don’t kick you off”.
Don’t copy someone else’s
policies. Get your own legal docs tailored to YOUR business.
The law is NO JOKE. If
you’re found taking liberties with visitors of your site that you’re not
clearly stating…
Well guess what?
Fines. And Jail.
And then you’ll also
get suspended.
Need I say more?
easy to get your shyt legal and compliant. There’s a software I use…written by
my friend the most renowned Cyber Lawyer alive Mike Young
I bought it one time,
and now no matter how many websites I put out, I just fill out some basic info in
the software, and I have a full fledged set of legal docs in moments..for every
website from now until forever.
You can get the
software I use at the link above.
Oh and even with that
legal form generator…you should STILL revise the legal docs and make any
additions, modifications, or changes to ensure your CONTRACTS got your butt

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Jim Yaghi

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