The Emergency Saturday

Yesterday was rough. My wife got a phone call which had us racing out the house like crazy people.
No I’m not talking about the Irish Public Drinking Holiday I accidentally referenced in yesterday’s email.
Actually, had I known it was St Pat’s day in the morning, I probably would’ve read to you in a Japanese accent instead.
Anyway, like I said, we raced out of the house in a panic. Tears streaming down the “ole ball an chain’s” face, leaped into the car, and tore out the driveway with the speedometer needle JUST below the speed limit.
“HURRY, HURRY, HURRY!” she screamed.
I’m going as fast as the law allows.
“COME ON, let’s go! I swear to god, I’m going to KILL HIM when I see him; I told him a million times to take it easy.”
How ironic. She wanted me to speed–and yet she was going to kill her sister’s husband FOR speeding. Hmm.
Anyway, from what I gathered through her tears, the sister’s husband with both my in-law sisters & mother in the car, crashed and flipped it. The entire family was in ER at the hospital and nobody knew who was injured and who wasn’t.
So what does this have to do with you, on a friggin Sunday?
It’s a lesson in Reputation.
You might not have figured this out yet, but your reputation dictates what you can and can’t get away with.
Say, you write real serious-tone emails, proper grammatical English, full sentences, etc. Then you pitch a product on organization and time-management, you’d probably do well with it.
Me? Not so much.
But I can get away with shocking emails like the “Gay Slur” one, because of my rep. You couldn’t.
My rep as a traffic expert allows me to sell “consultations” that are worth $$, whereas if you tried to sell a consultation in this market, I’d laugh at you.
Yah straight up, we laugh at no-name fools going around selling consultations and coaching in MLM and financial planning, and copywriting, and traffic. Their gut tells them, they can’t REALLY pull it off, so they always price it @ couple hundred bucks, and then they try to “one-up” the real experts they imitate by adding lots and lots and lots of one-on-one time.
Like all the one-on-one time with a fool is better than 1 minute with the wise. Lol.
We laugh because that whole notion is IMPOSSIBLE to scale.
And we laugh because, wow, their time is so cheap.
Doesn’t work.
Reputation is EVERYTHING. If you have no reputation, don’t try to pretend like you do. You’ll get a reputation for being a laughing stock. You’ll get a reputation for crappy, poor quality.
And no matter what you do, you’ll never be able to shake a bad rep.
See, my wife’s brother-in-law was unfortunate. He had a BAD reputation for being a speed-demon.
When the accident happened, EVERYONE assumed it was HIS fault.
Police ruled he was NOT at fault. He wasn’t speeding that day (according to him). The person who hit them came racing out of a side-street while they were on a main road.
But his reputation was sealed. Regardless, I heard whispers throughout the ER waiting area, “he HAD to have been speeding. It MUST have been his fault.”
So guard your reputation jealously. Don’t pretend you’re an expert. The only person you’d fool is yourself. Everyone else just laughs.
Need to build a reputation correctly? Don’t know what to sell without a reputation?
Let’s chat …

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Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi

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