Practice makes perfect…right?

What’s the difference between sports and business?
I’ve found that when it comes to success, there’s isn’t much difference between the two.
On that note, I’ve got an ass-kicking experience to share with you today…
You see, back in my athletic prime, (hey come on, it wasn’t THAT long ago) I was a very active practitioner of Taekwondo.
For those who don’t know about this Korean martial art, it’s an accepted Olympic sport that emphasizes fast, high kicks and flashy footwork.
Anyway, when I first started 10 years ago I had a real knack for the sport. I pounced on it and practiced my kicks every day religiously, for MONTHS.
After a while, there were very few people who could even hold the pad against me during training. Thousands of kicks later I believed I had perfected them.
Or so I thought…
The problem was when it came down to actually testing my well-versed kicks in sparring with my seniors, it was clear that I was not good enough.
I had to get faster somehow. So I fine-tuned my techniques, over and over again, researched outside the scope of my class, studied different marital arts, even bought extra books trying to find secret ways to get faster and stronger.
But when I began to spar again, all that extra work still didn’t help!
Now I was really stumped. I had no idea why my practice wasn’t paying off in the ring. I was even faster and stronger than some of my seniors, but my kicks still weren’t landing.

Do you ever feel like that when trying to get your business off the ground?

You’ve got a great product, so why isn’t it selling?
You do things over and over again and get great results one day, then mediocre results the next?
Well wait for the kicker (pun intended)…
It was only with a LOT more experience that I realized:

It’s the ability to adapt to your opponent that makes all the difference.

Not just slamming away with technique after technique mindlessly.  But using them at the right time and place. Either offensively or defensively. As a feint or a follow-up.  In combination or reaction.
There was no way I could figure all this out just by practicing day after day. But as experience came, so did my competition winnings.
Yep, sorry to all the gooroo fan boys who follow whatever system their respective internet marketing liege-lords consider the end-all solution; but it’s true. There’s never a single solution that applies to everything in REAL business.

 When I gained more experience and was able to adapt to my opponent’s weaknesses, ONLY THEN did all my practice pay off. 

In fact we understand this idea so well that it’s what our Done-For-Your-Traffic consultations are famous for.
I’ll be amazed if you’re NOT surprised at how deep we tailor your campaigns to your audience.
Click here to book your session with Jim and see what I mean!
So moral of the story, keep on your toes and adapt…then you’ll have a skill that will keep your business alive and thriving!

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