Customising Your Blog – Getting Technical

If you’ve been searching Google for a few useful tips on blogging for beginners, you may find this article a little over your head – I suggest you move on and leave the serious players to take the following tips and put them to good use making the most of the WordPress platform.
Only joking!  😉
Stick around and share your thoughts in the comments section below if you find this article helpful…
Still with me?
Okay, looks like I’m in good company in that case – let’s take a closer look at how to use WordPress to pack a little extra weight when battling for attention online.
There are a number of different things you can do to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your blog but this is by no means a complete guide to WordPress customisation.
Take the tips below and try them out to see what kind of results can be achieved by blogging. If you’re happy with what you find – keep it up!
3 tips for making the most of your blog:

1. Customise The Header

Don’t follow the pack! Do something different and get a unique design that matches your personal or business brand in terms of colour, tone and style. If you have the funds available, run a competition on a site like 99 Designs to find a logo design you fall in love with and incorporate this into the design of your header.
Make it bold, bright and memorable but most of all make it your own!

2. Pack a Little Extra Punch With the Right Plugins

My favourites…
WP Customer Reviews – This is a great free plugin that allows your customers and visitors to leave reviews or testimonials of your product or service. It’s simple to configure and, in the eyes of the search engines, adds a little authority to your articles too.
Socializer! – There are dozens of plugins that let your visitors share your content with their social networks but this one is very slick and visually appealing, while still allowing your fans and followers to tweet, digg, share and syndicate until the cows come home. (The plugin works just as well with WP MU for those of you building sites by the bucket-full).

Google ‘Plus one’ Button by kms – This is the best of the plugins designed to make  the most of Google Plus. The plugin allows you to position the G +1 icon above and below posts to encourage readers to give your content a little Google love.

These three plugins alone will put you streets ahead of the competition and offer your readers options to interact with your content – a recipe for increased visibility in search and exposure across the social web.

3. Structure Your Site Like A Pro

Think of your blog like a city centre full of shops, restaurants and places to visit and meet friends for a drink. If the place is a mess and difficult to navigate, it’s unlikely to get too many people coming back to it. If you were the Mayor of the City wouldn’t you want it to be easy for people to find their way around and wouldn’t you want the people who came to visit to come back?
So, why do so many bloggers fill their site with crap and confuse the Hell out of their visitors so that they never want to return?
Your site should be simple and easy to navigate with a page structure that makes sense to your reader. Use a top navigation menu for pages and make it easy for readers to find content they’re interested in by incorporating a search bar and related posts. Build it right and they will not only come…they’ll come back!
For those of you who are just finding your way around WordPress or have been struggling to get any traction, I hope I’ve been able to give you a few ideas and insights to get your blog back on track and in tip top condition.
Getting technical help to make your blog stand out from the crowd is one of the things you can talk about when you book a Done For You Traffic Consultation with Jim…


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