What's YOUR primary purpose?

Isn’t it frustrating how things get so complicated as we get older?
Sometimes it feels like you have to do so many things just to stay ahead of the game.
But it shouldn’t be that way…think about it.
As a pretty cute kid (despite what your older sibling will tell you), you only had one goal…if it wasn’t breaking things, it was probably candy.
Then school took over, and your goals changed to playing with friends…with the acquisition of candy being a sub-goal of course.
But as school got more serious, the pressure was on, and there were so many subjects to choose from!  Unless a teacher inspired you somehow, you were most likely pretty confused.
Most teenagers I ask say they have no idea what they’re going to do with their life.
And it doesn’t get easier for them…
I remember having NO idea what to get into when I finally reached college.  At one stage it felt like I changed majors as many times as I changed TV channels.
But successful people will tell you they eventually have a spiritual experience, that ‘aHA’ moment, where it ‘all becomes clear’ and they realise what they were put on earth for.

It’s like Rumi the poet said:

“Everyone has love for a particular job placed in his heart.”

At YaghiLabs, we see that as a nice way of saying “stick with what you’re good at mate!”
As the world gets busier people tend to become ‘multi-taskers’ and end up becoming a jack of all trades, master of none. ESPECIALLY business owners who are trying to keep up with everything.
Not convinced it’s a bad thing?

Look at every single tool ever made.  It always has a primary purpose.

Even though we may use it to open letters once in a while, a pen’s purpose will always be to write.
No matter how many megapixels a smartphone’s camera has, communication is its primary function.
In fact, you will learn in our Internet Business Academy course that even every single webpage has to direct your reader to one SINGLE call to action.  The more things you want to try and cram into a page, the less results you’ll get overall.
This concept of specialization is just ONE of the reasons YaghiLabs is ahead of the game.
Each of our staff members has IN-DEPTH expertise in the ONE area they’re passionate about and the results prove it…
but come time for a Done-For-You-Traffic campaign, everyone’s powers combine and we become super-charged to meet your goals.
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So what’s YOUR area?
As Jim will tell you in your first consultation with him:

“Stick with what you’re good at…developing YOUR product!”

Whatever your product or service, our done for you traffic service will allow you to ‘stick with it’ and let us deal with all the headaches that come with traffic management.
Specialization isn’t just the future, it’s already here!
So get with the times and grab an all-in-one package now…
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