How one-eyed men taught me basketball…

I love basketball.
I mean, I REALLY love basketball.
I can’t understand anyone who says they don’t like it. I just stand there in shock until somebody shakes me.  😉
Having said that, I used to be pretty uncoordinated, and in basketball that’s not exactly a plus. But I love the rush of playing. It didn’t take much to play every single day in high school – with friends who felt the same way.
We worked hard, loved what we were doing, ignored the ‘haters’, and pushed on till we became pretty good.

(Sorry if you were expecting a glorious ending…we didn’t go on to win any championships or anything!)

You see, I lived in Malaysia back then and basketball was greatly overshadowed by soccer. We had to find our own matches, hustle the school office just to get uniforms, and at the end of the day we didn’t get much recognition.
More importantly, we had to get pretty creative about how we trained. We didn’t get funding for a coach, so we had to coach each other.
Problem was, there were only a few players who knew how to play well. To the rest of us, they were basketball MASTERS.
Remember the old saying:

“In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is KING”

Well, as beginners to the game, our frame of reference was so limited that we considered their skills to be WAY up there.
They could get past the rest of us so easily that we were convinced that ‘magic’ was involved.
The ONE guy who could dunk? He was DEFINITELY on his way to becoming an NBA superstar!
The crappy neighbouring schools we faced had nothing on us; with him on our side.

But we were obviously “blind”!

We had no idea how good other people could be outside our small circle of influence.
Later on, when I moved out of Malaysia and experienced players in other countries, I realised how silly we were…
and how this same lesson can be applied to online business.
Literally SCORES of people trying to work from home are throwing themselves at master goo-roos and trusting anyone that knows a bit more than they do.
Of course, some photo-shopped clickbank figures, and a few fake testimonials, help seal the deal for any newbies on the court.

 I feel so sorry for the poor suckers who don’t know any better!

Here at YaghiLabs, we’re years ahead in this game.

While others are just starting to figure out the basics of traffic and lead generation, and trying to pass themselves off as hot shots…
we’ve actually been through it all, and delivered incredible results, to hundreds of clients. We’ve ascended to the highest levels and have some of the best in the business working for us behind the scenes.
Want to experience the difference between newbinity and expertise?
If you’re ready to get coached by the ‘big boys’, get a Done-For-You-Traffic consultation now:
And of course, not only will a good coach SHOW you how to do things correctly, they’ll also give you ALL the components you need to go all the way…
so let’s get your business into shape for the playoffs!

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