How To Use Keyword Search Volume

When looking for a keyword or phrase to bid on, search volume statistics should be your first consideration. There’s no point in bidding on keywords that have an extremely low search volume or ones that are overly competitive. You’ll only be wasting your hard-earned advertising dollars!

Keyword Search Volume Tools

Online tools such as Google Insights, WordTracker and SEO Book will assist you in determining the daily or monthly volume, origin and competition level of the keywords relevant to your campaign. These can be used to help you research and identify the best and most cost-effective keywords for your purposes. They will also make the process much faster than tedious manual research.
After compiling a list of promising words and phrases, you can further prioritize these keywords as they correspond to the needs of your target or niche markets. These can then be utilized in your online advertising campaigns (including ads and landing pages) as well as website or blog content. Remember though, while adding keywords to your website content will help your search engine ranking, overusing them may leave your site susceptible to being penalized or banned for spamming.

Local vs Global Searches 

One of the biggest mistakes new online marketers make is to base their research on global search volume rather than local search results. You need to understand where the bulk of traffic for your keyword is being generated and what relevance it has to your product or service.
For example, the keyword phrase “air conditioner service” reveals an estimated 165,000 monthly searches globally and 74,000 locally in the United States. If your AC service company only wants to target your city (and surrounding area) you will need to make sure the research tool you are using allows you to identify those demographics as well. This way, you can eliminate the potential traffic from the rest of the country and attract the audience best suited to you.

Done-For-You Keywords

YaghiLabs is proud to take the “guess work” out of keyword research. Our expert team of traffic specialists not only create your unique list based on the criteria above, they also analyze competition levels, identify your potential customer profile, track current trends AND provide a recommended bid price for each keyword. Learn more now by clicking the banner below…

keyword research

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