Why Put Bid On Pay Per Click

Managing an online PPC ad campaign is a time-consuming but extremely important task for any serious Internet entrepreneur. Bid management is one strategic aspect of this type of advertising. By optimizing search engine (e.g. Google) bids for ad position, and the maximum you are willing to pay for a desired keyword, you are able to consistently improve your return on investment (ROI).

Pay Per Click Bids

PPC bids will be dependent on your advertising budget, length of time you want to appear in the sponsored listings, competition from other advertisers and keyword popularity. 

Maximum Cost Per Click

Usually, the more you pay for a targeted keyword, the more exposure and traffic you will receive. Of course, this is also the best way to lose a ton of money really fast!
Because of this, online advertisers go to great lengths to find new and relevant keywords that can be bid on cheaply and still drive quality traffic to their websites.

PPC Bid Management Software

Whether or not automated bid management software would be beneficial to your campaign is debatable. Intelligent software initiates real-time adjustments to your PPC bids based on your current conversions and your competitors’ actions. Rules-based software triggers conditions (or rules), which you set, on when to lower bids, raise bids or stop bidding all together.
What bid management software cannot do is split test your ad copy or optimize your destination landing page. You may consider bid automation depending on the complexity of your campaigns, time commitments and finances.

Human Bid Management

Here at Yaghi Labs, we prefer to take a hands-on approach with our clients’ PPC accounts. So many additional factors go into creating a successful advertising campaign and increasing your profit margin. Our careful monitoring, testing, tracking and tweaking all work together to deliver you a maximum return on investment. Learn more about this all-inclusive service at http://jimyaghi.com/full-service

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