How To Mass Share YouTube Videos

So, you upload your video, post it to Facebook and Twitter, then email some of your friends and work colleagues. Off you go to make afternoon coffee…

Holy Smokes

Upon your return, your video has almost 500 views and 96 comments. By the end of the day it’s near 2000 views. At the end of the weekend you have hit 100,000 views! Your local paper wants to do an interview…
Wouldn’t this be nice? 🙂
For most, it will never be more than a dream.

Here’s Why

If you’re asking how to mass share your YouTube video, what you want is for a massive amount of eyeballs to see it, right?
For you to ‘mass share’ your YouTube videos you’re going to need a ‘mass following’ to share it with.
Sure, you can link to it on the various social platforms, blog about it, write articles about it and even upload your video to all the different video sharing sites. If you’re really good you may even give it a good title and some keywords.
Other than that, and crossing your fingers, there isn’t much more you can do.

Wait, I Have An Idea

To get your video seen by the masses, you need to make it ‘viral’. This is when you do your part (i.e. everything I mentioned above) and what happens next is like a forest fire. It’s almost impossible to stop! Everyone who views it shares it with their friends and so on and so on and…well, you get the picture. 😉
So your question should be ‘how do i create killer videos that people want to pass on to their friends’ instead of ‘how to mass share’. If you focus on making great content, it will share itself.
Sounds easy doesn’t it? The hard bit is creating content that people will pass around like a hot potato.
This is why you should enroll in the Yaghi Labs Internet Business Academy. There is a whole module devoted to creating viral videos. It’s a theory a computer scientist came up with after studying videos that already went viral on YouTube. These videos ALL have something in common. Here is the link again…

Internet Business Academy

See ya inside 😉

lots of love


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