How to Create a Good Selling Page

Almost every page you create, whether it be a landing page, an article or an actual sales page is designed with one goal in mind…

…To Sell!

Not always a monetary sale but still a sale of sorts.
Remember dot to dot? I loved it as a kid. Each dot had a number (e.g. 1 – 50). Starting at 1, you joined up all the dots in sequence and when you reached 50 you were left with the desired outcome; in this case a picture. A good selling page is similar with the desired outcome being a sale.
You write an ad which sells the click and your landing page sells the optin. All through the sales process you are marketing the idea that YOU have the solution to a problem your audience is facing.
The following 3 steps almost always ensure the user will be bashing their ‘left click’ on top of your ‘add to cart’ button!

Stir Up Emotion

Most people will do waaaay more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure right? What problems do your potential customers face? Remind them over and over of their pain and their obstacles to achieving success. Are they up all night with money worries? Are they never at home to see their kids? Bring those feelings right to the hot-seat. They may even weep a little but who cares…you’re going to be their hero. 😉

Answer Their Questions

As they read through your sales page, questions will pop into their head. It’s important for you to anticipate and answer these as you go. You will then overcome any objections and gain the rock solid trust you must have in order for them to punch in their credit card details.

Tell Them What To Do

Sounds obvious right? But you would be amazed by the amount of marketers who do not have a call to action.
It all starts from the people you attract to your sales page though. When you target people who desire what you have to offer, writing a sales page is like taking candy from a baby. 🙂
Inside our Internet Business Academy we teach YOU how to create a sales page that puts money in your bank all day long. In fact, we go into sooooo much detail about creating an insanely profitable online business that if you don’t take the course…well, you will miss out on all our top secret secrets! 🙂
See ya inside
lots of love
ewan 🙂


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