How To Make Direct Mail Sales Letter

Despite a plethora of online options, direct mail still allows you to target a niche market better than any other advertising medium. You are able to decide who gets your message, where they get it, and when it’s delivered.
Writing an effective sales letter, specifically for direct mail, is not an undertaking to be treated lightly. Here are 5 valuable tips to get you started…

Match Your Offer to Your Audience

You’ve decided to sell the latest and greatest baking sheet liner, which promises to revolutionize how cookies are made. Are you going to market this to fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico or to every independent bakery in New York City? The answer is rhetorical of course but make sure to research and identify your target demographic well.

Sell the Benefits NOT the Features

Your audience doesn’t need to know the color of your liner is red. What they do need to know is how it will benefit them and their business. Perhaps your product will bake cookies in less time, or eliminate the “crispy on the bottom and soft on the top” problem they are currently having. Whatever the advantage over a similar product, or the method they are using now, make sure to point it out.

Make It Personal

Write the sales copy in a very conversational style. Speak directly to your reader for maximum impact. If your budget allows, personalize the letter introduction (e.g. “Dear Jim” instead of “Dear Business Owner”) whenever possible.

Make Your Offer Irresistible

Make your offer impossible to refuse. Utilize product samples, a free tutorial, “insider” information and wrap it up with a money back guarantee.

Create a Deadline

By generating a sense of urgency you will convert many window shoppers to buyers. Make your offer time-sensitive or suggest there are a limited number of items available for immediate sale.
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