How Much Should I Spend on a Good PPC Campaign?

A reader emailed me recently asking:
‘Ewan, how much should i spend on a good ppc campaign? I have heard some people say you need at least $1000 and others say it doesn’t really matter. I’m looking to start some PPC advertising with the website that you so kindly gave me pointers on. I know you have done some great things with ppc so i was hoping you could shed some light.’
Okay, now that i have stopped blushing 🙂 this is a very good question.
Firstly, you’re going to have to spend some money in order to find out if it is a good campaign. If it’s created properly then there’s a great chance it will be…
…and then once it’s good (good meaning profitable)…

Spend as MUCH MONEY as you possibly can 😀

But for most, well, it’s not quite so predictable! They fall short when it comes to actually creating a good campaign in the first place. Everything from the very first keyword right to your sales page needs to be optimised.

Start with a small budget

I started with a large budget but am convinced that the more money you have to learn with, the more you will lose. I wish i’d started with very little as it forces you to learn faster. It’s a bit like when you always have tomorrow it’s easier to slack off today, right?
I also wish i had access to the Yaghi Labs Internet Business Academy when i was mastering PPC. I would have been learning from experts and my budget would have gone waaaaaay further. 😉
Most ppc students will NEVER find out what it really takes to become a ppc master and create money virtually out of thin air.

Shame for them 🙁

But you are reading this because you want ROI, yah? You want the lucrative returns that ppc platforms can deliver.
That’s what we are teaching people inside the IBA. Our students are learning what it takes to be profitable straight out of the gate. They do not go through the days, weeks and even months of trial and error, wasted ad spend and frustration that comes with it.
see you inside
lot’s of love
ewan 😉

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