How Many Ad Variations?

Among the biggest mistakes people make in PPC advertising is to write only one ad per Ad Group. They think that their copy is relevant, impactful and “looks good” to them. Wrong!
As much as you try, there is no way you can get inside the head of your potential customer by simply “guessing” what will work. Testing, tweaking and testing again are imperative.

Split Testing

Split testing (or A/B testing) is a highly effective method of comparing many versions of the same advertising message to see which works best and provides the highest conversion rate.
Here’s an example of three different advertisements in the same ad group being tested for optimal performance:
Homemade Dog Food
Healthy and tasty recipe.
Easy and economical to make.
Homemade Dog Food
Healthy And Tasty Recipe.
Easy And Economical To Make.
Dog Food Recipe
Healthy And Tasty Recipe.
Easy And Economical To Make.
Though not much has been changed in the first two examples, the simple capitalization of the first letter in each word can have an incredible impact on your click rate. In the last two examples, the headlines are being tested against each other. Some people will resonate with one and some with the other. It’s your job to find out which converts best. 

So Why A/B Test?

Though it can be a time consuming and tedious task, A/B testing is crucial because different audiences will react differently to your ad copy. Small changes that you make can be significant to your backend sales. Always start with a baseline, make only small changes, and then analyze the resulting data.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life!

If you are utilizing Google AdWords, 50 variations of the same ad are allowed per Ad Group. There are three main options for displaying your ads; optimizing for clicks, optimizing for conversions and rotating your ads evenly.
It is extremely challenging for an individual to effectively monitor, test and tweak all these scenarios. Here at Yaghi Labs we take a team approach to tackling these tasks. Our meticulous and dedicated staff always delivers top results.
In addition to providing much needed traffic and online business services, our primary focus is to educate entrepreneurs to do things the right way. Stop, look and listen at

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