Google AdWords Help

The online marketing battlefield is littered with the bodies of brave warriors who have accepted the Google AdWords challenge. Sadly, they were unaware of the countless landmines scattered along their path.
What appears to be a straightforward and simple concept in the beginning can quickly turn into a nightmare scenario as your hard-earned marketing budget is depleted faster than a speeding bullet.

Google AdWords Boot Camp

Let’s start at the beginning…
According to Google, here’s how it works:

  • “You create your ads”
  • “Your ads appear on Google”
  • “You attract customers”

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Let’s all get started now and make billions!
Oh, but wait…there’s more…you also need to:

  • “Target the right user in the right context”
  • Attract your “local and regional” demographic
  • “Measure and optimize your results”

The list goes on and on, and the level of knowledge required to master the AdWords beast goes deeper and deeper. Then, after you finally understand the “theory” behind what they do, your next hurdle is to apply all this information in a real-world situation…with real money (i.e. yours).

How To Google AdWords

Now, let’s review the AdWords Terms & Conditions (aka “the fine print”):

how to google adwords

And that’s only the beginning!

Quality User Experience

In Google’s eyes, “user experience” is their primary concern. As an AdWords advertiser you must adhere to this philosophy and be educated on exactly what is required. From ad format to website functionality, restricted products to copyright infringements, malware protection to spam techniques, the onus is on you be compliant.
No soldier heads into battle without the proper training, experience and weapons in his or her arsenal. The same can be said for high-level online marketing strategies like Google AdWords.
Here at Yaghi Labs, we’re passionate believers in the power of PPC advertising (e.g. Google AdWords, Facebook PPC, Bing/Yahoo/AOL). It’s highly effective, immediate and positions you so you don’t have to LOOK for potential customers.
Avoid the guesswork and eliminate stress by letting the experts manage your PPC campaigns for you. Simplify your marketing plans and achieve the results you are looking for. Try our friendly and affordable consulting and Done-For-You Traffic services at
You’ll be glad you did!

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