how effective is Facebook ppc?

one friday afternoon, i received a commission payment for around $3500. i decided to put the whole lot back to work.
having had a great chat with Jim Yaghi the week before, i was keen to put my new website to work so i punched in my card details and i was all set up for Facebook ads.
i set it live, put my favourite song on YouTube and went to make my afternoon coffee. i may have also had a small cake too, i forget 😉
it couldn’t have been more than half an hour… new emails already – lead notifications…

40 within the first hour, over 200 by friday night, wtf?

don’t people have anything better to do on a friday evening? 🙂
anyway, 3 weeks, 3000 leads or so and almost $50,000 later
you ask…

…how effective is Facebook ppc?

i answer, ‘big smiley’ 🙂
with 800 million users, half of which log in daily, you’d be crazy not to want your business in front of them.

but remember…

…it’s easy to blow a ton of money with pay per click marketing…
if you follow my steps laid out below, you will soon be on your way to a profitable campaign.

identify your goals

what is it you are setting out to achieve?

  • grow a fanbase – encourage people to like your page by offering valuable benefits for engaging.
  • drive sales – offer special deals and giveaways in your ad campaign to bring people into your store.
  • build awareness – reach a large audience with a widely targeted ad campaign.

target the right people

this is sooooo important.
you wouldn’t want to sell weight loss products to skinny people right?
think about the profiles of the people you want to reach with your ads, and select criteria based on what your audience is interested in, instead of what they might be looking to buy.
know who your target audience is. you can target by…

  • location, language, education, and work
  • age, gender, birthday, and relationship status
  • likes & interests such as ‘camping’, ‘hiking’, or ‘backpacking’

design your ad

once you know your target audience, design your ad to suit
~~> this article details how to write an effective ad <~~

where are you sending them?

there are arguments both for and against sending your traffic to a facebook fanpage or straight to your own website.
obviously, if you’re trying to grow your fan base then you will want to use a fan page but to drive straight sales, your own website is as good as any.

manage your budget

by setting a low budget you make sure you don’t blow all your money in your first day of the campaign. set it low, test it and if it doesnt work, find out why and fix it. if it works, ramp it up 🙂

review and improve

keep watching your ad, how it converts and if it is achieving what you want it to achieve. by looking at this you will know where changes and improvements are required from ad to sale.
let me know how your campaign goes 🙂
i also strongly suggest you come visit our Internet Business Academy. here you will learn every aspect of building a profitable online business.
lots of love,
ewan 🙂

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