How Effective Is Microsoft AdCenter

Just As Good As Google Adwords?

Microsoft adCenter has turned out to be a valuable testing ground.
Traffic there is cheaper than Google’s, but similar. And since their rules are a little loose, you can do some cool stuff not easily accomplished with Google Adwords.
If you see that your campaigns work well with Microsoft adCenter, then you can move them into Google once you’ve tested your funnel and ready to ramp up traffic.
Plus, it is the second most used search engine in the world, it is more lenient toward affiliate marketers and MLMers, and it gives you access the Yahoo network too. Utilizing Bing and Yahoo search to market your business allows you to capture 167 million unique searchers of the U.S. online market (approximately 30%).

Microsoft adCenter Year-End Upgrades

In the November 2011 Microsoft adCenter upgrade, the reporting tools and features have all been improved to help the advertiser and provide a better user experience.
Here’s what else is new in adCenter:

  • A new improved Opportunities Tab that includes bid suggestions for exact/broad match and In-line editing. This feature allows you to easily address underperforming bids to target more volume.
  • A new Share of Voice feature that quantifies missed impressions in Account, Campaign, and Ad Group performance reports and helps prioritize optimizations more effectively. You can deploy your campaign much quicker now with the single page view including real-time previews and keyword suggestion.
  • An upgraded Homepage Dashboard with a new feature to track campaign performance more easily.
  • An improved historical and aggregated Quality Score data in reporting so you can view your aggregated quality score by time frame, including hour, day, week, month or a summary. This helps provide better insights into opportunities for improvement.
  • An upgrade to Change History reports so you can view changes made to targeting, and gain better insights into campaign performance related to targeting changes.
  • And the new Keyword ID field designed to make it easier for API users to update their bids.
  • Campaign management has been simplified with much easier access to the information that helps advertisers improve their overall campaign performance.
  • The new navigation and discovery improvements allow you to manage across your entire account, by viewing and editing keywords & ads across multiple campaigns and ad-groups at once. You can also leverage highly customizable filters.
  • Campaign data is also improved with the new multi-metric trend charts. This new feature enables you to compare up to 5 different performance metrics simultaneously within a single interface. Hover over any of the charts to zero-in on the details for the selected time across all 5 charts.
  • The new editing improvements enable you to search and update keywords in a very simple and easy way. As well as, make large bulk changes to your campaigns easily.
  • In-line bid editing allows you to easily accept adCenter’s bid suggestions, or submit your own custom bid adjustments.
  • Review keyword traffic, first page, mainline, and best position estimations in the keywords grid, and implement in a single click.
  • The opportunities tab now offers Bid Suggestions for Exact and Broad Match to help improve impression and click volume by unlocking the potential of under performing keywords across your account. You’ll also receive fast notice of needed improvements with the enhanced status notification feature for each entity in your account.

How Effective Is Microsoft adCenter?

When it comes to search engine marketing, the biggest is still Google Adwords, but many people are critical of the Google’s iron fist approach to doing business. As a result, more people than ever are using Microsoft Adcenter. One thing there is no disagreement about is the fact that search engine pay per click marketing is revolutionary advertising because of its ability to let you target you prospects in ways that were unimaginable before the internet.
But you still have to know what you’re doing. If you don’t, you stand to lose either way.
How about a PPC campaign done for you, setup, ready to hit play?
Here at Yaghi Labs, we can have a complete PPC campaign setup for you in your own account. It will have tens of thousands of keywords, about 500 adgroups, and roughly 1,000 ads (not unique of course).
Our PPC expert, Jim Yaghi (CEO here at Yaghi Labs) will recommend the daily budget to be set, a recommended bid for all keywords, and it will all be paused and waiting for you to hit go.
Check it out here:


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