When To Hire An Adwords Professional

Are you an Adwords professional?
Didn’t think so…
Anyone can set up an AdWords account and generate traffic to their website literally at the push of a button. Sounds simple in theory, eh? Truth is of all the people who try Adwords on their own, very few will succeed.

Do You Have The Time?

PPC advertising consumes an enormous amount of energy, and time every month to keep a campaign running properly. If you do not have this kind of time and energy to give towards your PPC advertising and still effectively run the other parts of your business, then it’s time to hire an AdWords professional.
Look for experts you know can do more for your PPC campaign than you can. Hire an Adwords expert to set-up your campaign and run it for you over a shorter period of time. Then, you can learn how to manage it from there once everything is set-up and in place for you.

Do You Have The Skills?

Google is constantly making changes and progressing. In order to keep up with your competition, you must be currently knowledgeable about the AdWords platform and on PPC management. Not only this, but you also have to stay up-to-date with everything on a constant basis.
Again, if you don’t have the knowledge or time to keep the knowledge you have up-to-date with all the ins and outs yourself, then it’s time to hire an AdWords professional.

What’s Your Budget?

How much you’re willing to spend on your advertising is also a clear indicator on whether it’s time to hire a professional or not.
If you’re not risking that much and only want to spend a few hundred dollars a month, then more than likely it’s financially smarter to go at it alone. This way you can advertise for a few months, get your feet wet, and should be able to manage an account well enough with a small budget to turn a profit for the same amount you would pay a professional upfront for setup.
On the other hand, if you don’t have the time to learn how to do it, maintain it, and keep yourself efficiently updated, then it more than likely won’t be financially smarter unless all you’re looking at getting is experience.

Advantages Of Hiring An Adwords Professional

The benefits of hiring an expert are the following:

    • free your time for developing other areas of your business,
    • better control over your PPC budget, i.e. no more trial and error, lower the risk of failure,
    • you don’t have to go through learning anymore, and
    • ultimately could be very rewarding for your business.

Disadvantages Of Hiring An Adwords Professional

The possible disadvantages in hiring an expert are the following:

      • you become dependent on the expert,
      • you have to spend time on finding the right person, and
      • you’ll have to give away confidential data.

The only other alternative would be allowing Adwords to bid automatically for you, but of course there are ups and downs in using a tool like this, especially if you don’t have the knowledge to use it correctly.

How To Find A PPC Expert

The evaluation of the expert or expert company has two equally important parts:

        1. Check the background of the experts – who they worked for in the past, what their results were, how their clients describe them. Someone may be good enough to sell for you, if they’re convincing enough to sell to you.
        2. Ask the expert to do some kind of evaluation report regarding the different ROI levels you should expect at various costs. The price you pay will undoubtedly vary from one expert to another. Some charge by a percentage of your advertising budget, and some charge a fixed sum per month. Campaign set-up also varies by expert or company, as some include the service in the overall price or charge separately.

The “Done-For-You” Traffic Solution

Jim Yaghi, the owner of this site and CEO here at Yaghi Labs, uses a method for building campaigns based on a DEEP knowledge of how search engines work – at the ZERO’s and ONE’s, binary, electrical impulses level.
Before Jim was ever an Internet business owner, he was one of the top artificial intelligence experts, specialising in search and decision engine algorithms.
When he was 19 years old, Microsoft found and attempted to recruit him onto their team to develop search algorithms for Arabic.
Earlier this year, Google contacted him for a similar purpose. He was referred to them in a staff conference because of his scientific publications and innovations in the field.
If you want to create large volumes of traffic, have ads that get clicks, and landing page copy that converts visitors to leads, and leads to sales, then let him do it for you.
Read up about the “Done-For-You Traffic” deal here…

He’ll create a traffic campaign for you that works and it won’t cost you the world either.


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