How To Create Highly Converting PPC Campaigns

You never know with people. I don’t want to assume anything so let’s just state the obvious,
A “highly converting” PPC campaign is one that brings in far more money than was originally spent on the ad – and preferably as fast as possible.
That brings us to a phrase you’ll want to know about. It’s conversion rate.

Conversion rate is the ratio of visitors who convert from website visits into desired actions

Successful conversions can be interpreted differently by individual marketers. Examples of conversion actions might include making an online purchase or submitting a form to request additional information.
Take-away: Know how to track your conversion rate.

Similarly, the marketers behind the highest converting PPC campaigns have a clear conversion goal

For example, a successful conversion may be the sale of a product. For others however, a successful conversion may refer to a membership registration, newsletter subscription, software download, or other activity that occurs as a result of the visitor taking action.
Take-away: Know exactly what you’re conversion goal is for your PPC campaign.

And if you’re going to come up with a conversion goal, you should develop a testing and tracking strategy

Testing and tracking isn’t considered an exciting part of Internet marketing, but for a PPC campaign to be highly converting, it’s crucial. This can make the difference between “highly converting” and going broke.
Developing a testing and tracking strategy doesn’t have to require much creativity, time or effort. It’s often the simple things that can lead to amazing results.
Here are a few ideas test for your PPC ads, landing pages, and/or sales pages:
Use capital letters for the first letter of a word
Use lower case for the first letter of words like “to,” “for,” “and,” “of”…
Replace certain words with a synonym.
Take-away: continually test and track to gradually improve your conversion rate.

Another requirement of a highly converting PPC campaign is effective direct response copywriting

Do you know how to write high quality ad copy?
The ad copy is directly related to capturing web users’ attention, getting clicks on your ad, and conversions as well.
Copywriting is about making a connection with people using the written word or the recorded word (and/or video, audio).
Part of that connection will always involve action.
You can connect with someone and have a feeling about it, but you’re never going to be able to help them or let them help you if someone hasn’t taken an action.
It’s the “action” that completes the connection.
And for you to produce an action, you must know how to take your prospects spoken language, and put that into written word. I’m not talkng essays, term papers or business memos. It’s conversational and directed towards connection.
Take-away: high converting PPC campaigns make a connection with the intended reader, and “connection” equates to action.

Regarding copywriting, a good “formula” to use if you’re just getting started is the AIDA formula

It stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. This is applicable to your PPC ad copy.
The overall objective in your ad copy is to grab the attention of your target audience, create interest and desire, and then close it with a call to action.
Take-away: when you practice the proven AIDA formula, you’ll be able to craft good ad copy.

There are other various factors within PPC that will determine conversions

They include but are not limited to:

  • Setting a budget,
  • Your quality score,
  • Keyword selection,
  • Level of competition

Finally, when you design and implement a PPC campaign for a search engine like Google, having a clear market understanding of your niche and the products and services you offer is also highly proportional to how well your PPC campaign will convert.
Our team of advertising experts share with you their “traffic maps” they’ve engineered to make advertising independent, and not limited to just PPC campaigns. We will show you how to totally automate your traffic and remove dependence on any traffic suppliers.
Take-away: It starts here…


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